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22 Year Old Muslim Pervert Says He Is Taking Four-Year-Old Boy To The Bathroom, When They Get Inside The Stall He Pulls His Pants Down And Forces The Boy To Perform Oral Sex On Him While Threatening Him With A Knife

Not only did the Muslim lie to the boy’s parents, but the child was a fellow Muslim. If this is how these people treat their own kind, what is going to happen to everybody else who is not Muslim if they take over? Remember, this has already happened in Idaho this year. If it is […]

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Man In Canada Smokes Marijuana, He Then Hears Voices Ordering Him To Murder A Christian Woman, He Finds An Elderly Christian Lady, And Beats Her To Death With A Rock

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Canada frequently smoked marijuana before hearing voices ordering to murder a Christian woman. When he found the Christian woman, Yvonne Brooks, he told her that he was thirsty. Yvone, an elderly woman always willing to be charitable to others, offered him a glass of water, when suddenly the demon […]

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The Hell With The Polls. Go Ahead. Make My Day. Choose Hillary Who Will Bring Death And Destruction While I Choose Christ Who Will Rid The World Of Jezebel And Her Seed

By Walid Shoebat Why are conservatives so fearful and sick of the polls as if a Hillary victory is the end of the world? Here’s where all this elections bid is boiling down to. Trump’s campaign is betting on people who have not voted recently—especially the working-class men alienated by the whole system. Pollsters take their numbers […]

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Homosexual In Ohio Terrorizes Five Year Old Boy, Forces Him Into Homosexuality And Repeatedly Rapes Him

By Theodore Shoebat A story was recently released and its very disturbing, and it shows just how diabolical these sodomites are. In Ohio, a sodomite forced a five year old boy into homosexuality, repeatedly raping him. Its absolutely horrific and dark, and should be one only to anger and righteous indignation against perverts. Here is […]

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Soldiers Slaughter Seven Hundred Muslim Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Iraqi forces recently slaughtered seven hundred Muslim terrorists, as we read in one report: Anbar Operations Command announced that 700 ISIS members have been killed since the beginning of the liberation operations of Khalidiya Island in eastern Ramadi. Commander of Anbar Operation Major General Ismail al-Mahalawi, in a statement, said, “Security forces […]

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The Government Of Italy Declares War On Islam, Italian Special Forces Are Now Fighting And Killing Islamic Jihadist Killers

By Theodore Shoebat The Italian government has deployed special forces troops into Libya to kill Islamic State terrorists, according to various Italian sources. “Italian special forces ( Col Moschin regiment and Carabinieri GIS) are fighting along side US Green Berets, British SAS and French special forces in Libya,” says Tomaso Pacinotti, our Italian correspondent. “Sirte, […]

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French Government Has Destroyed 33 Churches In The Last Two Decades While At The Same Time Built 1000 Mosques- European People, Stop Cutting Your Own Wrists And Start Fighting

We have been reporting here about the destruction of Churches in France, but these new numbers first reported from Poland are shocking, that ancient churches are being systematically destroyed while mosques are being put in their place: Since 2000 France pulled down 33 Christian churches. Instead, like mushrooms after the rain, mosques are appearing. This […]

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Muslim Imam And His Daughter Put Poisoned Needles In Food And Then Give It Out To Try And Kill Hungry Beggars

In a sick and new form of cruelty disguised as charity, a Muslim Imam and his daughter were arrested after giving out food to the homeless, only they spiked the food with poisoned needles to try and kill the people they were giving the food to: A 50-year-old Muslim cleric, Mohammed Yusuf, and daughter, Salamat, […]

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The Catholic Church Has Always Been Against Islam And Will Always Be Against Islam And Nobody Can Ever Change That

King Sobieski of Poland sending the Pope a message about the Christian victory over the Muslims at Vienna Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch recently wrote an interesting piece about the status of the Catholic Church today and Islam. In his article, he alludes to his frustration with Church leadership about Islam and their even complicit actions […]

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