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Christians Hire Security Guards To Protect Their Church, A Muslim Man Comes In And Stabs One Of The Guards To Death, The Other Guards Rush In And Shoot The Muslim Attacker To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Egypt hired body guards to protect their church. A Muslim man came in and stabbed one of the guards to death. The other guards rushed in and shot the attacker down. As we read in one report: Church guards in Egypt shot dead a knife-wielding attacker who fatally stabbed one […]

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American Girl Captured By ISIS Told To Convert To Islam Or Die, She Refused And Over The Course Of TWO YEARS ISIS Slowly Tortured And Sexually Abused Her To Death But She Never Apostatized- Christians This Is What Real Faith Looks Like

Christians, this is what real faith looks like. Take the time to read and study the entire story, because this is what real faith in the face of persecution looks like. She was raped, tortured, enslaved, harassed, even by Mohammed “Jihadi John” Emwazi himself before his death, but she endured in her faith until the […]

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ISIS Takes Six Of Its Own Leaders And Tortures Them To Death With Flame Throwers- Live By The Sword Die By The Sword

In a recent report, ISIS has executed six its officers who tried to escape by torturing them to death with flamethrowers: The Islamic State terror group has executed six of its leaders with a weapon that sprays out burning fuel in the Nineveh Province of northwestern Iraq, for allegedly trying to escape to Syria, according […]

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