Archive | August 13, 2016

THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THE SECRET IMAGE OF GUADALUPE: A First Of Its Kind Research In History Revealing Hidden Code In The Image That Will End Islam

    By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) The crescent curse is upon us but God has already announced the victory in one fascinating image. Our research provided here is not only the first of its kind in history, but it also reveals hidden codes, not just in regards to the Aztecs of Mexico but hidden messages that Muslims […]

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How’s That “Integration” Coming? New Vest-Clad And Burka-Wearing Shariah Patrols Spotted Walking, Driving Around With Islamic Flags Patrolling The Streets Of More European Cities

  One of the Shariah patrols, coming to a city near you So, how goes those new Muslims arrivals? My only questions at this point is- are they being taxpayer funded? As we pointed out in a recent video, the European governments are set on promoting Islam to the suicidal destruction of their own people. […]

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Remember That Program Where The Swedish Government Paid Swedish Children To Spend Time With Muslims- Did The Swedish Government Just Cover Up A Gang Rape Directly Caused By That Program?

Muslims in Malmo, Sweden, one of Sweden’s most heavily Muslim areas Earlier this month we wrote about a new program from the Swedish government to promote “multiculturalism.” Basically, the Swedish government started paying Swedish children and teens to spend time with Muslims with the goal of helping them learn about Swedish culture and integrate into […]

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