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No You Fool. All Religions Are Not The Same And The Devil Does Exist And Christianity Is SUPREME

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Tuesday Special) If I got paid a cent for every time I heard a fool say “all religions are the same” I would have retired early, made two or three million dollars, put it in the bank and collected interest and lived high on the hog, so safe, that no Muslim would […]

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“I Was Lonely And Looking For Love”- Muslim Invader Uses The “Hannibal Lecter Defense” For Why He Raped 8 Norwegian Women

I call this the “Hannibal Lecter Defense,” in honor of Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal was hungry and looking for food, so that justified him biting and eating people, sometimes doing it while they were alive. Based on this logic, if a Muslim rapes a over half a dozen women, it […]

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Manny Pacquiao Supports What The Scripture Says About The Death Penalty And Declares: ‘Anyone Who Pushes Drugs On Youths Need To Be Executed.’

By Theodore Shoebat Manny Pacquiao is supporting what the Scripture declares on the death penalty, and has said that drug pushers and dealers are worthy of death and need to be executed. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Christian boxing icon and Filipino politician Manny Pacquiao says the Bible gives […]

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Pastor Arrives To Preach The Gospel, After He Gives His Sermon A Muslim Mob Ambushes Him, Murders The Pastor And Two Other People

By Theodore Shoebat  A pastor in Nigeria arrived to a town to minister the Gospel, and after he was done he was ambushed by Muslims who then murdered him and two other people. According to one report: Gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen on Sunday night reportedly killed three persons among them, one Pastor Luka […]

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Muslim Mob Tries To Murder Christian Man And His Wife, Another Muslim Rushes In And Rescues The Christians, The Mob Gets So Angry They Take Eight People And Burn Them Alive

By Theodore Shoebat A mob of Muslims tried to murder a Christian man and his wife, when suddenly a Muslim good Samaritan rushed in and rescued the couple. The mob was so upset that they burned alive eight innocent people. Here is the report: The incident occurred on Monday after a Muslim mob in Zamfara torched the […]

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Muslim Gangsters Harass, Pick A Fight With Sicilians, The Sicilians Beat The Muslims With Bats and Pistol Whip Them So Badly One Is In A Coma

Several month ago, we profiled how Cosa Nostra declared war on the Muslim invaders. Now while I do not know if these men were part of it, they show two things. First, it is how to properly handle Muslim harassment. Second, don’t mess with Sicily: To get worse one of three (Muslims) is a 16 year […]

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The Government Of Texas Declares: ‘Obama, Take Your Transgender Bathrooms And Go To Hell.’ Federal Judge Strikes Down The Satanic Push For Transgender Bathrooms

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Texas is telling Obama to take his transgender bathrooms and go to hell, with a federal judge striking down the satanic agenda. I did a whole vide on this: CHRISTIANITY HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND PORTRAYED AS A WEAK RELIGION FOR FAR TOO LONG. ITS TIME THAT WE EDUCATE OURSELVES […]

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