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In Muslim Turkey They Are Beating People Forcing Them To Take “The Mark Of The Beast”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special ‘in advance‘) If you want to visit Turkey, you could run into Erdogan worshippers who might stop you and ask you to give allegiance to their mark: the Turkish crescent flag or else, you might get beaten up, very badly. The says that in Turkey: “Vigilantes walk the streets and […]

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Gay Muslims Kidnap Man, Rape Him, Rip His Intestines Out, And Stab Him So Many Times That The Blades Get Stuck In His Body

By Theodore Shoebat A gang of gay Muslims in Turkey kidnapped a man, raped him, ripped his intestines out and stabbed him so violently that some of the blades broke inside of his body. It turns out that the victim was also homosexual, so this was a homosexual on homosexual crime. I did a whole […]

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Muslims Grab Pastor And Put A Knife On His Neck, The Pastor Pushes A Muslim Away And Cries Out, “Go Away, Satan!” The Muslims Then Decapitate Him

By Theodore Shoebat The final words of the priest who was beheaded by Muslims in France were: “Go away, Satan!” The priest fought back before being martyred, and he told the murderers of what spirit they were when they slaughtered this shepherd of God: they were of their father, the devil. Here is the story: […]

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While Muslims Are Getting Brand New Taxpayer Funded Mosques, These Same Governments Are Destroying Ancient Churches In The Name Of ‘Saving Money’

Great civilizations do not die- they commit suicide because they choose to cease to exist. This is cultural suicide caught on video: According to a report of the French senate, 2.800 churches across the country, many of them centuries old, will be demolished as restoration costs exceed the cost of demolitions over the next years. This […]

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Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates World’s Largest Evangelical Christian Charity, Takes Money Meant To Help Christians And Uses It To Build A Military Base To Wage War On Christians And Jews

World Vision is the world’s largest Evangelical Christian charity, receiving millions of dollars each year and helping some of the world’s neediest people. However the Muslim Brotherhood operatives have just been busted for infiltrating the charity and stealing tens of millions of dollars- 60% of the charity’s funds- and redirecting them to the Muslim Brotherhood […]

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Make No Mistake, Muslims Are Only Coming To Europe Because They Want To Sexually Molest Blonde Women And Get Free Stuff -Major Muslim Professor And Psychologist Rip Into Western Europe’s “New Normal”

***NOTE: Merkel’s STASI Operatives at Facebook just took this post down again. Share this as widely as you can and get the word out because WE WILL NOT BE CENSORED!*** In a scathing criticism of Merkel’s “new normal” for Germany, a major Muslim professor and a Muslim psychologist say that Muslim men feel entitled to […]

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