Archive | August 8, 2016

Christians Get Furious About Muslims Killing Christians And Destroying Churches, They Form A Major Militia, Declare A Crusade Against Islam, And Vow To Destroy Mosques And Kill Islamic Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Nigeria have become furious about Muslims killing Christians and destroying churches. They formed their own militia, and have declared a crusade against Islam, and vow to destroy mosques and kill Muslim terrorists. I did a video on this: According to a report: The militant Christian group Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders […]

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ISIS Accused Man Of Stealing, They Cut His Hand Off With Meat Cleaver While Crowds Of Muslims Cheer With Excitement

In another act of barbarity, ISIS accused a man of stealing and as punishment, they cut off his hand in public with a meat cleaver while a cheering crowd looked on: This is the sickening moment ISIS thugs maimed a ‘thief’ for life by chopping off his hand with a cleaver while a baying crowd […]

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Man Stands Up To Muslim Mass Murderer, Now He Is Being Prosecuted For ‘Insulting The Murderer’

You just can’t make this up. Thomas Salbey was one of the few people who stood up to and tried to stop Muslim mass shooter Ali Sonboly, who murdered 9 people before killing himself and who we wrote about here two weeks ago on Now in a sick twist, Mr. Salbey is being prosecuted for […]

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Muslim Father Sells His Daughter To 55-Year-Old Pedophile In Exchange For A Goat

The girl is in the center Thankfully one of the girl’s relatives said something about this, and both her father and the pedophile have been arrested, but the fact remains that for these men, a little bit of food was worth more than the life of their own daughter: A six-year-old girl has been forced […]

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