Archive | August 1, 2016

Turkish Imams Provoke A Riot And Destroy A Church In Malatya- Christians In Turkey Need To Leave NOW If They Want To Live

If you are a Christian living in Turkey, you need to leave right now. Your life may depend on it. In a recent story, a church was destroyed by pro-Erdogan Muslims. Christians on the ground are reporting that both the government and local Imams are encouraging attacks against Christians and heterodox Muslims in the name of […]

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Swedish Government Is Now Literally Paying Children To “Spend Time” With Adult Muslim Men “To Show That Multiculturalism Works”

If it was not bad enough that the Swedish government has allowed Muslim men to turn Sweden into the “rape capitol of Europe,” now the Swedish government is paying children to spend time with these same Muslim would-be rapists: Swedish authorities have started paying Swedish youths to spend time with migrants and “asylum seekers”, in a desperate […]

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Regarding Heresiarchs that have Blasphemed the Holy Ghost-Part 2

For those who missed out on Part I, here it is: MADAM BLAVATSKY (1831-1891) Of the many heresiarchs and matriarchs of heresy, Madam Blavatsky has had a great impact on the world for damning souls via the Theosophical Movement. It is noteworthy that she was an apostate from the Russian Orthodox Church and remained rebellious […]

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