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Shameless American Orthodox Jews Use The Destruction Of The Temple And The Holocaust To Praise Muslim And Mexican Illegal Immigration Into The United States

By Walid Shoebat Some 40 leading orthodox Jewish rabbis went out of their way to publish a statement condemning Donald Trump despite that multitudes of other Jews supported him. What is stranger is that the 40 shameless rabbis used Israel’s greatest catastrophes to send such message: “We issue this statement on the heels of the week of […]

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Muslim Armies Are Entering Christian Villages And Destroying The Entire Villages And Hacking Christians To Pieces With Machetes

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim armies in the Democratic Republic of Congo are going to Christian villages, entirely destroying the villages and hacking the Christians to pieces. As we read in one report: The persecution of Christians has escalated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), prompting fears that a jihadist group is gaining strength in […]

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Just Like Rotten Fish, Muslims Are Now Demanding More Welfare And REFUSING To Work Because They Say They Are Guests And Europeans Should Pay Them For Their Presence

The American Statesman Benjamin Franklin once said “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” If these Muslim invaders are “guests” (even though they are actually uninvited occupants by traitor political, business, and financial interests) then the fact they have stayed for months upon months now means they not only stink terribly, but they […]

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Here We Go Again: Now “Unaccompanied Minors” (A.K.A. Marauding Teenage Muslim Gangs) Are Attacking French Neighborhoods, Throwing Chairs, Rioting- Frenchmen, You Know What To Do

Earlier this year, we profiled this same phenomenon in Europe, where teenage Muslim gangs were occupying Swedish train stations and engaging in all kinds of harassment, robbery, sexual assault, and debauchery. As we documented, nothing stopped the problem until the locals rose up and physically beat the occupiers up until they left, as was in […]

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The Democrats Are Absolutely Demonic, Hillary Clinton Will Be An Absolute Jezebel Of A President If She Wins

By Theodore Shoebat Hillary Clinton will be an absolute Jezebel of a president. Just look at what the Clintons did to the Christian Serbs in the 90s. The Christians were fighting the Muslim Albanians, who were kidnapping Christians, dissecting them and taking their organs to sell them into the black markets of Saudi Arabia and […]

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