All Signs Reveal That Terrorism Is On The Rise, While Americans Remain A Divided Nation Heading The Way Of Europe Where We Will Soon See Violence On The Streets

By Walid Shoebat

Trump’s seven-states temporary Muslim ban is causing heated discussions. What is rarely discussed is what no one explains to you about terrorism. To acquire experts, lets say on “Islamic terrorism,” is sound, but only to comprehend why, where and how Muslim terrorists function. But when it comes to terrorism in general, to capitalize on such experts without addressing all other categories of terrorism is not smart. Hiring some x-blogger like Steve Bannon, as chief strategist with the National Security Council’s most senior officials, Bannon would mostly focus on Islamic terrorism. This is folly.

Terrorism is not exclusively Muslim.

And if you think I am being stupid here, the U.S. categorizes terrorism as either “right” or “Left”. Islamic terrorism is conveniently categorized as “right” by the left, while the right focuses mostly on Islamic terrorism much more than any other types of terrorism. They are not being stupid. They are being conniving. I’d rather be stupid than conniving.

Here, allow me to explain it all from my ‘extremely blunt’ Middle-Eastern style, and I have ample numbers and years worth of data to prove my case. Every time there is a terror attack, conservative bloggers hover over their laptops researching, while crossing their fingers in hope it was caused by Muslim immigrants. If it is, they become like typical Saudis in the Gold Souk. So if it is caused by a Muslim immigrant, they rate it as a 22 karat gold find. If it is caused by Muslim lone-wolves, homegrown converts to Islam, they rate it as an 18 karat gold find. Now have these Muslim terrorists cry out “Allahu Akbar,” during the attack and its a home-run, a priceless ten karat diamond. With diamonds, our hits on could easily reach to 300,000 to a million hits in a single day. With 22 karat it jumps from 70,000 hits to 150,000 hits. I have charts that go for years to prove my case.

However, when it comes to attacks categorized as “Nazi” or “anti-government” or “eco terrorism,” or “Black racism” or “cop killing”, we report it, but its categorized as fools gold and we all move on to a better spot looking to pan for the good stuff. Americans do not like to read about terrorists who look like them. ‘Populist Conservatives’ in general prefer the Middle Eastern looking terrorist because they can elevate themselves as the better species.

But seeing this, we repented a while ago and we address everything evil equally. We began to see this right-left schism as a lure used to advance specific political agendas. In the U.S., it all depends on the karat and the size and as they say, “its supply and demand”. The American confusion in understanding terrorism is purely political. Politics sells simplistic labels which increases the polarization between left and right, each side plays the blame game, each side wants to win browny-points with its constituents, while Americans khazouk each other to death arguing over the issues they hardly comprehend.

Political correctness goes both ways. This nation deceptively categorizes terrorism as either “radical right” which hardly represents the “right,” the right is polar opposite from “Nazi,” and then you have terrorism from the radical left, which is not “left,” most American liberals are radically polar opposite from “Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and Greenpeace.

Each side blames the other no matter what type of terrorism is committed, and regardless that both sides are innocent of terrorism, but both sides are 100% guilty of deception. The U.S. government is brilliant in political strategies were they brainwash the millions of simpleton Americans and in my view, such deception is a crime against humanity.

And when they analyze numbers, these numbers are mostly bogus because they minimize Islamic terrorism where homegrown terrorists slip from their deceptively written criteria. But such numbers they provide in their statistics don’t just grow in the wild; they are chosen, by parameters that the researchers decide as ‘right’ or ‘left’. Classifying Muslim terrorism within the scope of “right-wing” is absolutely evil, while ignoring Muslims who kill for Islam, categorizing these as simply ‘criminal’ is another evil.

However, America does not have the same problem of Europe, the U.S., is a melting pot and should remains that way. In general, most Americans are neither extreme left or extreme right, they were known to be reasonable. But since Obama they are being converted, becoming like a stretched rubber band, being pulled to either side to the point of snapping. This too is a dangerous phenomenon. Keep that up and the U.S. will begin to see violence, right-wing versus left-wing, both attacking each other in protests over the issue of immigration.

If you doubt this, just take a look at Germany. In 2016 alone in Germany there were 1,408 such attacks categorized as from the “far-right” and 1,608 categorized as from the “far-left”. In 2015, these attacks were around 900 respectively. The phenomenon is nearly doubling every two years and they are all politically planned by populists to drive Europe into fascism.

Trump has an absolute right to categorize “Muslim terrorism” as such because it is, but the use of populist rhetoric needs to end. Trump should also address all the other “terrorism” as well besides Muslim which is a much better effective strategy. He avoids it because he has the wrong advisor: Bannon. As right-wing bloggers (Bannon was one) we all know they’d rather point to the ‘Allahu-Akbar’ type terrorists. Trump will soon learn. He just started.

Islam will never take root in the U.S. to the point of changing its demography. The split between Christian and Muslim refugees entered the U.S. in fiscal 2016 is nearly even (46% Muslim to 42% Christian) but considering the war-torn region these immigrants come from, where Christians are but a small minority, reveals that in essence, the U.S. is already being selective.

Instead of only seven Muslim states ban, it should be a “terrorism ban” of many entities, which starts at the home front. Most terrorism stems from within the U.S., Trump can address the issues of security from abroad later on and this “element of surprise” is nonsense since it already takes over a year to get a visa.

But what is the use of this seven Muslim states temporary ban if it excludes Turkey (the highest ISIS route), Tunisia (the mother supplier of ISIS terrorists) and Saudi Arabia, the ideologue behind it all. This tells me that this has nothing to do with combating ISIS and more to do with selecting insignificant nations or nations everyone already hates like Iran. These cannot bite back. Therefore, this is purely political and is not practical.

Banning travel from Iran begs the question of how many Shiite related terror attacks have we had? That, plus Iran has the highest rate of conversion to Christianity than any other Muslim nation on earth. These would not mind fleeing to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The highest numbers of incidents and fatalities caused by Islamic terrorism occur in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria. The majority of people who come to the U.S. from these nations are fleeing from all the killings in the first place, and with Syria and Iraq; the U.S. owes a moral obligation for having participated in causing the mayhem during the Arab Spring. And who is addressing Pakistani Christians? These never make it to the promised land because the embassy in Pakistan is ran by Muslims which we at Rescue Christians have first hand accounts to prove the case.

The vetting should also involve careful analysis, not just by American police or FBI agents who have never been in Muslim countries. They should add American Middle Easterners with Christians and Israeli backgrounds from Israel, Lebanon, Assyrians, Copts, Pakistani Christians … who know can sniff, they know the language, clan backgrounds, demography, demeanor, etc while working with others in these home nations’ security apparatuses including working with snitches locally and in far distant lands.

Then to thwart the homegrown terrorism, the government needs to clutch the social media, Google, Facebook, Youtube, encrypted communication software … where all the trouble stems from in the first place. We have a huge Nazi call to kill Jews and its allowed on Youtube. These should be shut down permanently. Anyone who expressed hatred towards the United States by using violent terminology, should be turned upside down and inside out. Snitches need to be hired in every community be they Muslim or Nazi, anti-government or eco potential terrorists. It should be taken so serious, just as if someone threatens to kill the President of the United States.

The whole American thinking, when it comes to terrorism, is upside down, politicized, while Trump has Steve Bannon, an  x-blogger, advising on issues of National Security. This is not smart.

If we examine terrorism in general from the last three decades, we will find that the utmost focus is on Muslim related terrorism. I can go as far back as 1996 to show my point with data that I can provide to show that the American people are not as smart as they think when they read what the media (be they right or left) dishes out to feed them. How often do we hear of Charles Ray Polk railroading the Amtrak. How about in 1996, Peter Kevin Langan, the pseudonymous “Commander Pedro” who leads the underground Aryan Republican Army had a shootout with the FBI in Ohio. How about anti-government activist and self-described “survivalist” Ray Hamblin, charged with illegal possession of explosives after authorities find 460 pounds of the high explosive Tovex, 746 pounds of ANFO. These are neo-Nazi, and no, you should have no freedom to access bomb making material.

In 1996 twelve members of an Arizona militia group called the Viper Team targeted government buildings as potential targets. How about the nail-packed bomb going off at the Atlanta Olympics, killing one person and injuring more than 100 others.

How about Washington State Militia leader John Pitner and seven others had manufactured explosives plotting to build pipe bombs to resist a feared invasion by the United Nations.

What about the three “Phineas Priests” — racist and anti-Semitic Christian Identity terrorists who believed to have been called by God to undertake violent attacks —bombed two banks. In 1996, seven members of the Mountaineer Militia plotted to blow up the FBI’s national fingerprint records center, where 1,000 people work, in West Virginia.

We have had ample terror attacks by non-Muslims. And I can skip two decades worth and go to 2016, Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, armed anti-government terrorists setting fires on federal land. Then we had army reservist and Afghanistan veteran Micah Xavier Johnson shooting 12 police officers, killing five, in downtown Dallas after a Black Lives Matter protest. Gavin Eugene Long, 29, of Kansas City, Missouri, kills three Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers.

I mean good grief, since when did Americans target police officers like this?

Indeed, we do have Muslim terrorism, but if you keep up with the news, you will quickly know that we have a steady stream of American Muslims, initiated from overseas who commit terror attacks. The bulk of terrorism are home-grown, lone-wolves, engaging in violence here in the United States and these did not come from overseas recently.

The left would say that the main terrorist threat in the United States is not from violent Muslim extremists, but from right-wing extremists. This is also not true and the numbers are skewed. I have seen the left doing its calculations by ignoring 9/11 to skew these numbers while minimizing Islamic related attacks.

But killing is still killing. There have been more than 215,000 murders in the United States since 9/11. Do we then compare homicide with terrorism as if its all about a number game? Have we become a Nazi state, where we calculate train loads, death by starvation or by shooting, all done to have a play on numbers to see who do we blame, left or right? Should we focus on the victims, be they Jewish, black, officer or civilian, or perhaps focus on Muslim terrorism instead of Separatist terrorists, Ethnocentric terrorists, Nationalistic terrorists, Revolutionary terrorists, Political terrorists, Religious terrorists, Social terrorists, Domestic terrorists, International or Transnational terrorists?

But there are more extremists to point out and expose besides terrorists. The misinformation stems from media “extremists” who insist on a label of “right” versus “left”. What this says is that the whole nation is loosing its mind and is taking the populist Europe route.

There is also terrorism that stems from militias, neo-Nazis and sovereign citizens. These are a growing threat we face. We had two just this week, yet so few want to discuss them because they are fools-gold; they are not “Muslim”. “Sovereign citizen” anti-government type terrorism has really taken off.

The silence has become a politically correct phenomenon of the right, not just the left. We get more hate and stupid comments from the right, much more than the left or even the Muslim. This is why we are neither left or right. We are Christian.

Mr. Trump took the unprecedented step of naming Mr. Bannon to the National Security Council. President George W. Bush’s last chief of staff, Joshua Bolten, was so concerned about separating politics from national security that he barred Mr. Rove, Mr. Bush’s political adviser, from N.S.C. meetings. The issue of National Security should never be politicized and Americans need to stop hiding their sins by finding scapegoats, the problem is and always has been the abandonment of Christian ethics.