Islamic Violence Is So Out Of Control That People Are Illegally Buying Military Grade Weapons To Protect Themselves

In a recent story, the situation with Muslims and Islamic violence has become so bad that your average citizens are illegally purchasing guns and military weaponry to protect themselves from attacks:

Germans have been arming themselves with illegal guns and grenades to protect themselves from migrants.

A website calling itself Migrant Fright was discreetly selling what it describes as first-class quality goods so that its customers can avoid ‘annoying bureaucratic hurdles or annoying paperwork’.

The website has since been closed down, but Germans who have already received the weapons in the post, are practicing firing the guns in their back gardens in preparation for potentially aiming it at a prospective terrorist.

The now-defunct website, seen by MailOnline, carried a mission statement that read: ‘Protect yourself and your family.

‘We offer first-class quality goods, discreetly sent, at a fair price.

‘Without annoying bureaucratic hurdles or annoying paperwork.

‘Simply order, pay conveniently and receive the delivery.

‘Simple, fast and discreet – that is the motto of Migrantenschreck.’

Various packages were available to customers, ranging from €7.99 to €799, and includes guns, grenades and ammunition.

Professionals, including doctors, were getting the deadly weapons delivered to their workplaces, according to Sued Deutsche.

Undercover reporters from the paper tracked the guns to a doctor’s address to quiz him over his purchase.

The now-armed physician claims not to have a problem with protecting his family, but has an interest in weapons.

He has been practicing firing his gun in his garden, and said the noise was deafening.

‘I think the rate of crime increases with the influx of foreigners,’ he told Sued Deutsche.

‘People from other countries, of course, have different ideas about how to behave in society.

‘The uncontrolled immigration is a problem, we need a 180-degree rotation.’

It is understood the weapons were being bought legally in Hungary and shipped to Germany, which is illegal.

Many of the customers are thought to be unaware they had broken any laws. (source)

Now as you look at this story, think about the greater implications of this.

Your everyday “Hans and Franz” are not the issue here. Neither is the general issue of gun ownership or the right to self-defense in a situation that has made German society increasingly violent. Nor is it even the issue of crimes committed by Muslims. In fact, the problem has absolutely nothing at all to do with the unmistakable, measurable, copiously documented facts.

Everything has to do with the conclusions from those facts- conclusions which you are expected to draw on your own using the facts as a guide. Your opinion about how to handle the situation is being shaped by the facts of what you see. All that is necessary is to present the facts and allow you to make a conclusion on your own guidance about what to do.

As I have said before, nobody can deny the problems in Germany. There is so much video, photo, and anecdotal evidence that only an insane, delusional, or malicious person could deny it truthfully. Likewise, the crimes which these people are committing are so heinous and nothing is being done by law enforcement to stop them that Germany has become something of a war zone- the Muslims kill, rape, and destroy at will and those who try to stop them are arrested and jailed. This is a truly horrible situation, and the average man will look up on this and become very, very upset as he watches all that he knows and loves get destroyed in front of his eyes by these people. Since he cannot be upset forever, eventually his sadness will turn to anger- extreme anger, and rightly so. He will start looking for answers. That is where the manipulation takes place.

In ages past, when Muslims, evil governments, or both attacked the European peoples, they turned to the Catholic Faith for guidance. It was this same faith which rallied diverse groups together under the banner of Christ and in one Faith and one love executed justice upon the wicked. This was not perfect and there were all of the problems common to any group of people, but it was being done at least in name and with a common understanding that it was for the greater glory of God and His Holy Church. This not just united people, but more importantly it guided their actions, allowing them to execute justice while also bridling them from committing wholesale butchery. Again, this is not to say that real atrocities did not happen, but the Catholic Faith gave a plan of action, the proper tools, and established the proper boundaries for men to follow when executing justice on those who were wicked.

Martin Luther’s death mask

Germany used to be Catholic. Then she decided to remake Christianity in her image during the 16th century with Luther’s revolution, a revolution which eventually stripped Christianity from Germany except as a sociocultural symbol that was subjected to a worship of the image of the ideal German man instead of God Who became man.

The average German man today is irreligious. He man be a “good person,” but as the Faith teaches, what is good by man’s standard is not always good by God’s standard. Because a man like this has nothing other than his own opinion as the standard for judging between truth and error, he makes himself the standard of right and wrong. Not only is this a sin (as it is the sin of the Garden of Eden, for to become divine means to know good and evil), but because man is a corruptible, imperfect creature and as such can change, man can change his opinions about what is good or evil, thus remaking truth to fit his own image. This process can be expedited through the use of propaganda.

Now take such a man and return to the situation with the Muslims. He sees the horrors of what the Muslims are being allowed to do, he gets angry, and he starts thinking. If he does not have a religious conviction which bridles his actions, then there is nothing to restrain him but himself, and it is a fact that when people are upset, they think with their feelings before their intellect. His anger will naturally erupt and will guide his actions, justified by the daily horror of what he sees taking place around him. He will not just want to stop the Muslims, not just resist, not just fight back, but he will want to give to them what they gave to him. This will happen to millions of “good people,” all who are angry, confused, and looking for an answer.

This is the conclusion you are being pushed to adopt

That is when, as happens always, that “the answer” will “appear.” Of course, this will have been chosen in advance, for the same persons who allowed these Muslims to invade and act at they willed are also going to offer the “solution” to the problem. Their response is that “communists” and “antifa” have destroyed Germany, and that we have to destroy first the “communists” and then anybody who even looks like they might be a Muslim. This will ultimately take the form of a race-based purge in the name of “patriotism” and “saving Germany.”

Again, nobody denies here the real problems that communists and the “antifa” crowd are causing- only a fool could deny such a thing with a straight face. However, just as two wrongs do not make a right, likewise National Socialism is not an answer to Communism because it is the same poison just administered with a different hand.  Communism says the problem is class. National Socialism says the problem is race. Neither communism nor National Socialism care about class or race, but about the acquisition of absolute power at any or all cost. Like a dog turning on its own vomit, both groups will eventually attack the people they claim to represent and support if they see a need to because they do not care about their own followers- they only care about themselves, and they see their followers a merely a means to an end.

Stalin once famously said that “one death is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic.” Erich Lauck, a famous America National Socialist propaganda expert, said that “The purpose of propaganda is to make followers, and the purpose of followers is to make propaganda.” Truth or lack thereof is not the issue here, but rather the message.

Be very careful looking at the news today. While there is certainly true “fake news” (which we have seen and try to sort through carefully here), the bigger issue is the use of real facts and genuine responses to real-world problems to support a greater conclusion that is alltogether evil yet not immediately visible because the perversity is not hidden in the facts themselves, but rather the conclusions which the facts tempt a man to adopt.

So no, German people protecting themselves from Muslim attacks is at best a secondary issue. The real issue here is about preparations for a manufactured internal purge of “undesirable” persons brought to Germany by the same people who brought those people over in the first place with the intention of leading to a greater war that, as German history consistently has shown, is part of a long-standing desire for empire. Now that the Faith has been all but removed from their society, it will be very easy, as history again has shown, to manipulate people into supporting the ethnonationalism of the 20th century with the same passions, visions, and end results but with bigger weapons and more efficient means of delivering the same conclusion.