Donald Trump Vows To Defeat The Mexican Drug Cartel, And Makes This Declaration To All Americans: ‘We will break the backs of criminal cartels that have spread across our nation.’

Cartel massacre in Mexico

By Theodore Shoebat

Donald Trump just signed an executive order vowing to crush criminal activity by Mexican drug cartels in the United States, making this declaration to all Americans: “I am directing DOJ and DHS to take all necessary action to break the backs of criminal cartels that have spread across our nation.”  He also has talked about using US forces to aid Mexico in fighting the cartels there.  “We have to do something about the cartels,” Trump said Monday while talking about the relationship between the US and Mexico on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“I did talk to [Nieto] about it. I want to help him with it. I think he’s a very good man. We have a very good relationship, as you probably know. … We’ve got to stop the drugs from coming into our country. And if he can’t handle it — maybe they can and maybe they can’t or maybe he needs help — he seemed very willing to get help from us, because he has got a problem and it’s a real problem for us.”

When asked if the president of Mexico was willing to work with Trump in fighting the cartels, Trump said:

“I would rather, as a very nice man that he is and somebody I respect, I’d rather have him respond to that …But I will tell you I certainly offered him help on knocking out the drug cartels, because we have got a problem. … Don’t forget these cartels are operating in our country and they’re poisoning the youth of our country. And, by the way, countries all over the world, just so you understand — this is a cartel all over the world, the cartels. But I certainly would help him if he needed help. … And I would say the drugs and the drug cartels, number one,” he said. “Well, it’s a country that’s got difficulty.”

I hope that the US does fight and defeat the cartels. One thing I fear is the US arming one cartel to destroy another. As we read in one report:

President Trump on Thursday signed three executive orders setting up task forces as part of a broader effort to reduce crime – orders Trump said are “designed to restore safety in America.”

The orders came as Trump attended the swearing-in ceremony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was confirmed by the Senate Wednesday night.

The orders establish three Department of Justice task forces to fight drug cartels, reduce violent crime and reduce attacks against police. The White House did not immediately release copies of the orders.

Trump said he was seeking “to break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth.” The cartel task force would partner the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security.

Law and order was a central theme of Trump’s campaign, during which he also pushed his hardline immigration policies. But he has also prioritized tackling violent crime, recently promising on Twitter that if Chicago didn’t get its crime problem under control, he would “send in the Feds.”

“A new era of justice begins and it begins right now,” Trump said at the ceremony.

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