Major Department Stores In The UK Further Submit To Islam As They Add The Hijab To Their Mainstream Fashion Line

The UK is rapidly becoming a Muslim place. Scarcely a hundred years ago “the sun never set(s) on the British Empire,” yet now that same Britain is being conquered by all of the people is once ruled. In another deveoplent showing this, major department stores in the UK are now adopting the Islamic hijab as a regular part of their wardrobe displays and are marketing it to non-Muslim British women:

Debenhams is set to become the first major UK department store to sell hijabs as part of a new range of Muslim clothing.

The chain store will introduce the new line in its flagship Oxford Street branch, before being rolled out to its Birmingham’s Bullring, Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush, Manchester’s Trafford Centre and Leicester’s Highcross Shopping Centre outlets.

The selection will offer tops, dresses, jumpsuits, kimono wraps, caps, hijab pins and headscarves.

An outlet of clothing brand Aab, which specialises in conservative clothing, it describes itself as selling ‘contemporary modest wear’ for women.

The Aab roll-out with coincide with the launch of the clothing rage at Debenham’s international stores in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Jeanette Whithear, of Debenhams, said: “Adding the high quality fashion range to our product mix enables us to offer collections that are highly relevant in both international markets and to our domestic customers.

“This is a step closer to creating a product offer that caters for broader customer needs.”

Nazmin Alim, founder and creative director at Aab, said: “We started Aab almost a decade ago as a label that redefined modest fashion and one that caters for everyday modern wardrobe staples.

“The partnership with Debenhams opens up some very exciting opportunities for us.” (source)

I never cared too much about the clothing I wore because to me, barring anything obviously ostentatious, clothing was just clothing. I could make you look fashionable for the time, and “express” part of your personality, but beyond that it was something which kept you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Its use was functional before fashionable.

A “before and after” type photo. While clothes do not determine the conditions of a man’s soul, they certainly change is appearance of himself, can modify how others perceive him, and in a small way reflect something about his character.

While I still do not consider myself anything at all of a “clothes” oriented person, I have learned that clothing is far more than simply a functional tool. The saying ‘Clothes make the man’ is true in many ways. What a man wears or does not wear provides, even in the smallest way, an insight into his character, values, and philosophy for life because barring what are (usually) very obvious deformities, how you look is entirely your choice. It is literally the “face” that you choose to present to the world that you want them to see, for as much as each person’s clothes reflects his time, place, and culture, it also reflects him.

While not all American clothing ads are like this or have models who are “transgendered” like Isis King, pictured above, the fact is this phot represents too much of what American culture has been promoting at home and abroad today- a clothing that says we are a bunch of strangely dressed, hypersexualized, mentally deranged perverts who don’t know what we are but will sleep with just about anything.

Look at the modern day American clothing considered popular. People who wear this in former times would be called idiots, prostitutes, or both because this is the kind of clothing that would only be worn by either an idiot or a prostitute. It reflects a sloven, weak mind that is ruled by passions and operates scarcely above the impulsed of an animal. Then you turn and look at our society and see the corrupt, degenerate nature of it, it is no wonder that the people look this way. The clothes didn’t make them like this- the clothes just reflected, in a small way, the degeneracy of the people.

It speaks for itself

Islam is no different. The Islamic religion is an evil religion, and the clothes of Islam for men and women reflect Islam’s wicked theology. Again, it is not the clothes themselves which are per se evil, but it is the ideas which they came from and therefore represent. No woman who wears a hijab in the Islamic style is going to be though of except as a Muslim and all which comes with it in he same way that a man who dresses like an American “street thug” will be perceived just the way that he dresses.

There are clothing stores for every type of person, whoever they want to be. However, what matters most in popular society is the popular fashion of the time and not because it is popular, but because it represents the general values which the society claims to hold. Americans today laugh at the clothing and styles of the past, but look at the people of then versus now. Nobody but a fool will deny there were serious problems then too, but the photos of the not so recent past reveal that at least on a superficial level, there was a certain “standard” which the greater culture aspired to, and even if they did not realize it, said standard still existed as a model for others to look up to as something they might become that was greater and better than them, and it reflected in the culture.

The UK Muslim population is very small and certainly not a wealthy one- they consume far more resources than they produce (if anything at all), and they have their own specialty stores in their neighborhoods which they segregate themselves into. But with all respect to the Muslims, certainly not all will just isolate themselves, and many will go to large department stores. From the store’s perspective, it is also tapping into what is becoming a growing business, and yet at the same time, that is a major part of the problem, for because clothing and popular fashion are a part of society, the fact that major UK retailers are popularizing Islamic garb in their stores represents an advanced stage of Islamization.

It is clear that the purpose of this clothing is to “popularize” Islamic wear among non-Muslim British women, with the intention of “easing” the process of Islamization in that nation. It is also connected to, as we have discussed before, the division in society by which Muslims and Islam are being so disproportionately favored as to cause a ‘blowback’ which will trigger a reaction against Islam and sparking into a war, specifically to advance the cause of ethno-nationalism. It is also true that the UK, despite its Christian past, has become militantly secular and is very averse to Christianity and especially the Catholic Faith. Islam historically moves into formerly Christian society or into society in which heresy runs unchecked. This has been well-documented throughout history. The rise of Islam in the UK is as much a product of the increased Muslim population and the rise of paganism as it is also a product of the apostasy of the British people for their rejection of God, His Church, and their persistence in their apostasy.

I think back to the warning of Our Lady of Fatima, and to the part where she warned about the annihilation of nations on account of their sins:

“The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.” (source)

The sad fact is that the UK is being annihilated before our eyes. Nothing is impossible with God, but the fact is that unless the UK repents, Islam is the future of the UK.

But make no mistake, this is not just about the UK. This is applies to all of Europe, America, and the rest of the world. Once upon a time, much of what is the “Muslim world” today were the most Christian areas on earth- North Africa, Iraq, Syria, and of course, Turkey are all part of the ancient world of Christendom that was destroyed by Islam and through which Islam simply did not come as just an external conquering force, but as the natural fruit of the many heresies which infected those areas.

There is a lot of talk about banning the hijab because of what it represents, and there is a valid point here. However, banning the hijab is absolutely useless unless Europe and America get serious about banning actual sins in society that cause major, widespread harm. I am not talking about the mere proliferation of sin common to the human race, but I am speaking of the major sins which pervade society today and through which these societies are attempting to define themselves, or at least a part of themselves.

This was one of the first things that appeared to me from the website “visit London.” This is how the modern west defines itself, which is by how much perversity they can spread to their people and throughout the world. It is no surprise that with the popular acceptance and promotion of filth like what you see here that the UK would be given over to a religion which teaches filth.

“Tolerance” is not a virtue- it is a poor excuse for license to sin. “Coexistence” too is another fraud because two absolute opposites, one being a perversion of the other, cannot exist together lest one overtake the other. Yet this is what the modern Christian living in “western society” is expected to deal with. It is assumed he must reprioritize his beliefs, making obedience to God second to obedience to the zeitgeist of his times, and if not that, to recognizing the false equality of the other deviant ways of life around him.

The hijab is ugly and unattractive, but it is well suited to the state of the UK today because that nation has become as ugly as the clothes she is now promoting to her people. Instead of addressing her sins, she chooses to hide them, dressing in the same garb as of those people who hate and also are conquering her because they refuse to wash their soiled garments and put on clean and dignified ones.