Muslim Militants Surround Christian Church, They Break Inside, Grab The Pastor And Stab Him To Death, They Then Burn The Entire Church To The Ground

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslim militants surrounded a Christian Church in Central Africa, taking the pastor and stabbing him to death before burning the whole church down. As we read in one report:

A Christian pastor has been killed and two churches destroyed in brutal revenge attacks by Muslim rebels in the Central African Republic.

Pastor Jean-Paul Sankagui of the Eglise du Christ en Centrafrique was attacked and stabbed to death by supporters of Muslim rebel militia in the CAR’s capital Bangui, World Watch Monitor reports.

The attack came after a military operation was launched by CAR military and UN peacekeepers to capture and interrogate local militia leader Youssouf Sy, whose name has also been reported as Youssouf Malinga. The  operation failed and he and one of his officers were killed in the incident.

‘During the operation, Sy – also known as Big Man – and his men opened fire on the security forces and killed two passers-by, a man and a woman,’ a UN spokesman said, according to CBN News.

‘The security forces responded, killing Youssouf and one of his men. Three Central African security forces troops were also injured,’ he added.

In retaliation Sy’s allies surrounded Sankagui’s church. An eyewitness said that Sankagui had urged those present at the church to flee the church to escape the violence.

Sankagui was then attacked and stabbed to death, a family member said. His church was set on fire and destroyed.

Two other churches in the area were set on fire, and a local school was destroyed. The UN reported that at least three people were killed and 26 injured in the violence.

UN spokesman Vladimir Monteiro lamented the violence, saying: ‘It is unfortunate that the civilian population were the victims of these criminals’ indiscriminate fire.’

The persecution against Christians will be more horrific in the future than it is how. A great dark cloud will flood the earth, and oceans of blood will form. We must be prepared for the greatest anti-persecution the world will ever see. We must prepare both our minds and our souls. This is why I spent over five years on a book on Christian holy war. The name of the book is Christianity is At War, and it is the most exhaustive study ever done in history on the reality of Christian holy war, with its history and spiritual beauties. Read the book and prepare your soul for the coming great war!