Canada Formally Announces It Will Give $145 Million Dollars In ‘Reparations’ To The LGBT And Will Expunge Their Criminal Records, The LGBT Responds ‘That Is Still Not Enough- You Need To Legalize HIV Transmission And Blood Donations’

It was only a few weeks ago that we at warned that Canadian President Justin Trudeau was preparing to give millions of dollars in ‘reparations’ and special benefits to homosexuals while at the same time viciously persecuting Christians who believe in the Biblical teachings on homosexuality. That warning has just come true, as Trudeau has formally announced and approved that Canada will pay $145 million dollars to homosexuals and have their criminal records expunged because of their homosexuality according to a recent report:

The federal government will spend $145-million to compensate thousands of people who were purged from the public service because they were gay or lesbian, the largest financial commitment by any national government for past wrongs committed against sexual minorities.

The level of compensation for individuals will be determined by an adjudicator based on the degree of harm they suffered, The Globe and Mail has learned. The funds will also be dedicated to creating a memorial in Ottawa for victims of past LGBTQ discrimination and there will be money for education and memorialization projects across Canada.

Following a series of stories in The Globe and Mail detailing unjust convictions of homosexuals in the past, and unjust dismissals of homosexual members of the military and public service, the Liberal government committed to offering an apology for those injustices, and pardons for those convicted of crimes that are no longer crimes.

Justin Trudeau says he is apologizing for past discrimination against sexual minorities as a way to prevent such discrimination in the future.

“Apologies for things past are important to make sure that we actually understand and know and share and don’t repeat those mistakes,” the Prime Minister said during a question-and-answer session at a conference on social policy in Toronto on Monday.

Although great progress has been made in advancing the rights of LGBTQ Canadians, “there is still so much discrimination that recognizing it will make a big difference,” he added, “and it will also help a whole bunch of people who hopefully wouldn’t have to go through in their future careers the kind of discrimination that happened in the past decades.”

Mr. Trudeau’s apology will target people who were harassed and dismissed during a purge of homosexuals from the federal public service, the Canadian Forces, the RCMP and the intelligence services over four decades ending in the 1990s.

About 3,000 people may be eligible to make a claim. Many others have died. The redress is the product of an agreement-in-principle reached last week in a class-action lawsuit between victims of the purge and the federal government.

The government will also pardon and expunge the records of those who were convicted under unjust laws that criminalized homosexuality.

In that issue, there are several answered questions about how far the federal government is prepared to go.

The Globe told the story of Everett Klippert, who was labelled a dangerous sexual offender – in effect a life sentence – in 1967 because he repeatedly had sex with other men.

At the time of publication, in February, 2016, Mr. Trudeau committed to a posthumous pardon for Mr. Klippert, whose case led to homosexual acts being decriminalized in 1969.

The government also committed to considering a pardon for all men convicted of committing same-sex acts when such acts were illegal.

That commitment launched a process that expanded to Tuesday’s comprehensive apology. But although the government has committed to pardons and to expunging the records of those convicted, the scope of the commitment is unknown.

Will only those convicted of buggery or gross indecency prior to 1969 have their records expunged? Or will it include people convicted of gross indecency – homosexual acts beyond that of two adult men in a private place – before that law was repealed in 1985?

Will convictions be expunged from the public record en masse, or will people need to apply individually?

And will “found-ins” and “keepers-of” – people who were visiting or working in bath houses in the days when police raided those establishments – also be pardoned and have their records expunged? We can expect answers to these questions when the legislation is introduced on Tuesday.

A final question concerns the release of documents. Ottawa has refused to release files surrounding the purge, including such things as memoranda laying out the intent and scope of the policy and the files of individual cases. Much will have been lost during routine shredding of government documents, but much may remain.

The question is whether the government is open to disclosing everything of value left to disclose, while also protecting the privacy of those who were investigated. (source)

However, the LGBT are still unsatisfied. As one commentator notes, Canada needs to go further in its ‘reparations’ to the LGBT, and now are demanding the legalization of spreading HIV and giving blood, organs, and semen from homosexuals in a medical setting:

Canada also still has one of the most heavy-handed criminal approaches to non-disclosure of HIV status in the world. HIV-positive individuals who have sex without disclosing their status can be convicted of “aggravated sexual assault,” even in cases where no transmission has occurred or was intended, and where the accused took reasonable steps to eliminate the possibility of transmission (either through using condoms or maintaining an undetectable viral load through medication). The Liberal justice minister said she would look into changing the law last December, on World AIDS Day. But after nearly a year, we’ve heard nothing.

Similarly, the Liberals’ election pledge to eliminate the homophobic ban on blood donations by gay men has also apparently disappeared. The government is even fighting to stop a gay man’s human rights challenge over the ban, which also extends to organs, tissues, and sperm donation. (source)

As we have reported citing the CDC, World Health Organization, and other medical outfits, the reason that HIV is so closely associated with homosexuality is because homosexuals are medically speaking the main vectors of HIV due to their behaviors. The LGBT says repeatedly that they are the ones who normalized the stigmas associated with HIV because of this very reason. Likewise, it is the reason why blood transfusions and organ donations are refused from the LGBT, because owing to their behavior, while certainly not all LGBT have HIV, they are at such a statistically increased risk of contracting HIV that it is dangerous and unsafe for the people who may receive body parts from them to use them. But it is not just HIV, as they transmit many other STDs and other illnesses due to their behavior, and it is at such a point that major health experts around the world have uniformly declared that the behavior of the LGBT is directly responsible for the epidemic of disease that is happening today.

What the LGBT shows here is that the ultimate aim of the movement is about power, and has nothing to do with ‘equality,’ ‘rights,’ or any of the other reasons given, for those are just used as pressure points over which to leverage social and ultimately political and philosophical change. It does not matter how much money or social concessions they receive or do not receive, because any amount given will never be enough since there is no desire to make peace except only if it can be used to continue their personal struggle to impose their will on society. Even when they are given complete power, such as how one city council in the USA is now 100% made up of LGBT members, they still will not be satisfied, and will ultimately find other means to promote their particular cause, even if it involves murdering the innocent or legalizing the abuse of children, teaching teenagers that playing with feces or engaging in bestiality is normal, or slaughtering those who would speak against them.

Historically speaking, owing to the sterile nature of homosexual activity, homosexuality has always been associated with power and domination, and this is as true today as it was in the past. The only matter that has changed is the people, places, and means by which the transmission of this philosophy happens, but the teachings themselves remain consistent. In its most benign state, homosexuality is a means for absolute hedonism, and in the worst state it is about humiliation in the utmost extreme forms of degradation. This is admitted by major persons in the LGBT movement, namely one who has noted that their is not a single homosexual he has known who has not dreamed of being masturbated upon by groups of men:

The number of men who have written to me asking to be the recipient of gallons of semen is virtually uncountable. These aren’t the incidental fantasies of a small fringe of outliers. These speak to the heart of the sexual imagination of most queer men. It wasn’t made for you. There’s no reason for you to see it. For you, it would read as an irrational stunt. But for the straight world, much of what comprises queer culture and life is incomprehensible. Regrettably, the same can still be said for many of the older members of the gay world. Years ago I stated that all gay men are HIV-positive. That is, every gay man alive today is defined as much by the viral load narrative as by any external homophobia. If you wonder at the meaning of a jar filled with poz loads being poured up the ass of a happy, intelligent, and more-than-willing young gay man, the primary meaning is that there is no reason or excuse for continuing to live in fear of a virus. (sourcesource)

While this statement is disturbing, it corresponds directly with the philosophy of the LGBT. In the most benign sense, one could say this is the pursuit of pleasure at all cost and to the furthest possible end. In the most heinous sense, this is possibly one of the worst forms of degradation that a man can invite upon himself. In either case, there is nothing positive that can come from this, for far from being the way designed by God for the transmission of life, it becomes a vehicle for death.

There is an increased sense of fear among Christians that one should not stand up to the LGBT, or simply accept certain aspects of their movement while ignoring others. This is nothing but a deception, since any acceptance of their agenda is but a temporary delay until they inevitably stand up with the same opposition as if they were opposed on their original proposition until further demands are met. There is nothing that one can accept from them as a solution because the solution is the Biblical teaching that homosexuality is a grave sin and that those who participate in it either must repent of their sin and seek the mercy of God or risk facing His judgment, of which the Bible speaks that no man can stand before because God is Holy and Perfect.

It is for the sake of mercy that Christians must practice what the Church teaches regarding the LGBT. To do anything less is to risk inviting the judgment- and condemnation- of God on both the LGBT and those who were supposed to stand up to them.