Narcoterrorists Murder Teenager And Dump His Body In A Vacant Lot

(May 26 2018) The body of 16-year-old man was found in a vacant lot having been shot to death by narcoterrorists:

The information to this intelligence unit comes from press links for the Noventa Grados website where it is noted that a body without life of only 16 years has already been identified and handed over to their relatives.

In a vacant lot was located the lifeless body of a 16-year-old teenager, who was shot to death, Around 2:30 pm on Friday, the existence of a person’s body was reported in a property located on the street Luis Méndez almost corner with Ferrocarril, in the colony López Mateos.

To the place mobilized elements of the security bodies and paramedics of the Red Cross, who confirmed the death of who was identified as Jaime Alberto B., 16 years old, neighbor of Zamora, whose corpse was found face down, with visible traces of bullets. (source)