Drug Gangs Take Taxi Driver, Murder Him, Put The Body In A Bag And Leave The Bag In His Taxi

(May 26 2018) A taxi driver was horribly murdered by drug gangs. They murdered him, put his body in a bag, and then left the bag in his taxi:

The body located on the outskirts of clinic 76 in Paricutín neighborhood of Uruapan belonged to a taxi employee according to the first investigations.

His death is related to the war over the territory between organized crime groups. It was learned in the newspaper that a body executed and bagged, was located inside a taxi that occurred during the first minutes of this Saturday in the access principal of the Uniform C línica number 76 of the Social Security that is located in the former grounds of the “Fair Expo”.

By reports on the scene, it was learned that at about 0:00 hours the number of emergencies 911, was alerted that inside a car type Atos, white, with plates of this state, with the economic number 121 and belonging to the taxitel line of the Cupatitzio, was a black bag with human remains.

And an orange cardboard with presumably a narco message addressed to the rollers working as “Hawks” for La Nueva Familia Michoacana, without any authority up to now confirming the text, which was parked on the main entrance of the former mentioned Social Security clinic, located in the Paritucín neighborhood a few meters from the Industrial Boulevard.

So immediately a strong mobilization was carried out by the Michoacán Police, who after a few minutes arrived in the area and after confirming the information they cordoned off in attachment to the chain of custody.

Later on, the personnel of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office were introduced, accompanied by experts specialized in the crime scene to carry out the corresponding actions and order the body to be taken to the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) for the rigorous examinations, and where it would be He expects to be claimed by his relatives because until the closing of this edition he remained as an unknown. (source)