Street Pharmacy Enforcement Agents Make House Call, Murder Entire Family

(May 26 2018) In another episode from the wars in Mexico and Central America, drug gangs murdered an entire family:

Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca.- Three were executed and one was wounded by gunfire in Colonia Gustavo.

There was talk of a possible house raid however, everything seems to assume that the assassins only came to execute one but ended in a massacre, since the wives and their son were present so that there are two adults and a child killed, The facts in the street Rubén Valencia and January 25 of the 1st stage of the Colonia Gustavo Pineda next to the former calidra at approximately 8:20 hours.

The names of today’s deceased are Juan Torres Luis of approximately 45 years of age, María Isabel Torres Caballero of approximately 30 years of age and Cristian Sosa Torres of approximately 11 years of age. (source)