Major German Politician Speaks Of Creating A German “New World Order” Against American Power

Heiko Maas

By Theodore Shoebat

Major German politician, Heiko Maas, recently spoke of the creation of “a new world order” that would challenge American power. In an an article that Maas wrote, entitled, Making Plans for a New World Order, it reads of a new geopolitical system “In which we form a counterweight when the US crosses the line.”

Germany wants to form an integrated European military force, with herself as the leader. But the US has plans that supposedly vex Germany’s geopolitical goals of enlarging her hegemony, and that is the US leaving the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) and placing nuclear medium range missiles within the confines of the European Union. Germany sees the United States’ plans to place US nuclear medium range missiles within Europe as a threat to this aspiration of a military for the Europeans. For, if the United States places nuclear medium range missiles within the European Union, then the US can leverage its influence over the EU’s formation of its own military force. The United States, not surprisingly, is using the pretext of Russian expansionism to justify the deployment of these missiles.  Meanwhile, Germany is concerned that Poland will welcome with open arms these missiles in her fear for Russia, which is completely understandable given Russia’s history of invasion and genocide in Poland. According to the Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS), which is a German government institution for defense policy, Poland and “other East European NATO countries, may not only welcome, but possibly even actively promote their deployment for their defense either through bilateral agreements, or otherwise within the NATO framework.”

If the nuclear medium range missiles get parked into Europe, it would further deepen tensions between Germany and Poland. As a report from German Foreign Policy warns: “This [placing of nuclear medium range missiles] could eventually lead not only to a split in NATO, but even in the EU.”

If the placing of these missiles helps to cause such a rift as to split the EU, it would only give Germany more of a green light to become an aggressor towards it neighbors. Britain’s vote favoring an exit from the EU has been used by the German government as a justification to commence German militarism. As it was said in the 2018 Munich Security Conference, “Brexit may have the welcome effect that other stakeholders in the liberal order try to make up for less internationalist Anglo-Saxons.” The Germans are welcoming Brexit because it gives them the leverage by which to justify their own militarist aspirations under the cover of leading ‘a new world order.’ A further breakup of the EU would only act as an another flaying of the skin of Europe, unmasking her true face of a domineering Germany. If Germany returns to the warpath, a possible scenario could be that she will blame Poland, and point to the Poles’ welcoming of US nuclear weapons. If Russia invades Europe, she also may declare Poland an enemy for welcoming American nukes.

Sergey Alexandrovich Karaganov, a political scientist and advisor to Putin, warned in August of 2016 that if the US places missile defence systems in Europe, it will provoke violent conflict within Europe:

“By placing missile defence systems in Europe, the West is sort of inviting Russia to withdraw from the (INF) treaty and deploy missiles that can destroy these systems almost instantly. This would complete the picture with a new edition of the missile crisis of the late 1970s and early 1980s and a new round of structured military and political confrontation in Europe.”

Anger between Germany and Poland can be traced to the Two World Wars, and lets remember that Germany butchered millions of Poles in the Third Reich’s reign of terror. Any tensions between these two countries today is not solely based on things occurring currently, but really a resuming of enmities from history. The European Council on Foreign Relations recently wrote a research paper on the growing tensions between Poland and Germany, in which they wrote:

“As Warsaw criticised Berlin for its alleged dominance of the EU and demanded reparations for the second world war, German political elites complained about Poland’s refusal to cooperate on migration policy and its apparent lack of interest in improving the bilateral relationship.”

Poland is rifting away from German dominance. If the European Union fragments, it will be exactly what the Germans would want to justify a war bent plan. What is also telling are the recent words of Gunther Hellman, a professor of political science at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University:

“A new kind of experience will be that the Federal Republic can no longer rely automatically on the institutional fixed points of NATO and the EU or the leadership achievements of central allies such as the US or France, who have provided guidance and relief to German foreign and security policy in recent decades.”

Gunther is saying that Germany will one day not be able to rely on the EU. Hence why, last year, the German government made a report on possible disaster scenarios, one of which it “depicts a crumbling EU and a former leading power, the USA, trying in vain to stem an erosion of the world order.”

Germany is planning for a break up of the EU, and this is what she wants because it would make for perfect military propaganda. Germany has already been speaking of bolstering herself as the head of a new world order. Recently, Germany’s foreign minister, Heiko Maas, wrote an article entitled, Making Plans for a New World Order, in which he spoke of a new geopolitical system “In which we form a counterweight when the US crosses the line.” Here is something remarkable. Germany speaks of keeping the US in line. Germany is striving to break through the American international hegemony, to twist the current order for a German empire that instills fear into the US. Such language got professor Hellman to note:

“Never before has a German foreign minister advocated a role for Germany to serve as a soft balancer that would “form a counterweight when the U.S. crosses the line.” This reorientation coincides with an increasingly prominent role for Germany in European affairs with the European Union facing an increasingly assertive Russia and continuing internal divisions. For Germany (and Europe) this boils down to a dramatic realignment of the European balance of power.”

Maas also spoke of making a European financial system independent of American control:

It is therefore essential that we strengthen European autonomy by establishing payment channels independent of the US, a European monetary fund and an independent SWIFT [payments] system.

In August of 2018, warned about Germany’s current plant to expand its own hegemony and becoming independent of American power. Maas also speaks about making an independent European security apparatus — which means a military power led by Germany:

Now it is important to build a European security and defense union step by step — as part of trans-Atlantic security and as a separate European project for the future.

While he still uses diplomatic language, he speaks of a military enterprise that would be “separate” which means independent of the American security umbrella. This is about German military might. Maas writes in the same article: “And where the USA crosses the line, we Europeans must form a counterweight — as difficult as that can be.” If Europe continues to break itself apart, what will also break apart is diplomacy, and what will arise are the demons of the past.

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