Hindu Terrorists Declare To Christians- ‘We Will Exterminate All Of You In Ten Years And Force Your Children To Become Hindus’

Christian leaders in India are expressing grave concern as violent Hindu mobs are increasing attacks against Christians both in terms of numbers and severity. According to a recent report, Hindu Nationalist recently met in Goa, India, a place with a long Christian history and presence, and plotted there to establish a Hindu only-state, planning to purge India of all minorities within 10 years and to forcibly impose Hinduism as the national religion:

Catholic leaders have accused the pro-Hindu state government in Goa, western India, of inciting terrorist activities and the promotion of Hindu fundamentalist ideologies across the country.

The accusation follows a three-day conclave, involving some 130 pro-Hindu organizations, that called on followers to hang beef eaters and initiate violence against Hindus who believe in secular ideologies.

Goa and Daman Archdiocese’s Council for Social Justice and Peace questioned the government’s inaction over “conventions that propagate divisive, anti-national and terrorist ideologies,” in the Christian-stronghold state.

A Hindu nun, Sadhvi Saraswati, who addressed the assembly reportedly declared that Hindu groups would establish a Hindu-only nation in India within a decade.

Stressing the sacredness with which orthodox Hindus see the cow, she said, “Whoever harms the cow or abuses our values can only be described as our enemy… protection of the cow is our duty.”

“We should apply the same laws which are applied for homicide cases against people butchering cattle,” she said.

Saraswati is also reported to have advocated for Hindus to store arms in their homes to fight non-Hindus.

Father Savio Fernandes, executive secretary of the Council for Social Justice and Peace told ucanews.com that attempts to “foist a theocratic state are an open rejection of the secular and democratic ideals of the Indian Constitution.”

“The plea to Hindus to store arms in their houses is tantamount to a call to violence and terrorism,” Father Fernandes added.

The Catholic Association of Goa said in a press note that Saraswati was attempting to create fear among religious minorities such as Christians and Muslims. Some “fringe elements are indulging in creating a hostile atmosphere,” the association said.

Certain conventions and meetings such as this “are deliberately held in Goa to disturb the peace of the state and promote disharmony, enmity, hatred or ill-will between communities,” the association said.

Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, a Goa legislator called for the state government to initiate legal action against the organizers of the conclave, and to arrest Saraswati for inciting violence and speaking out against the values of equality, secularism and socialism enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Father Eremito Rebelo, parish priest of Our Lady of Snows, told ucanews.com that the government’s silence “is shocking, considering that blatantly provocative and anti-minority statements were made.”

Strategically, leading Hindu organizations, including the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (world Hindu council) and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, the political wing of Hindu groups, have distanced themselves from the Goa conclave, describing it as a meeting between smaller and regional groups.

The conclave, which concluded June 17, was the sixth annual program to be held in Goa.

The resolutions passed at the meeting included the declaration of India as a Hindu Rashtra (nation) by 2023, a ban on cattle slaughter, and the declaration of the cow as the national animal. (source)

This statement itself admits the satanic nature of Hinduism. As we have discussed before, there are not just many different “religious sects” in India, but India is and has been for centuries a hotbed of some of the worst forms of paganism found on earth. One such example that we have discussed before is that of the infamous aghorcult, which worships death and has its followers live among dead bodies and decay, consuming animal and human corpses for food and spending the rest of their days in drug-induced hazes paying “worship” to their “gods.” To say that a cult such as this, not to mention the numerous other evil sects in India all of which are against everything that Christ teaches and came to same man from are somehow equal to and above Christianity to the exclusion and violent persecution of Christians is just another indication of what Hinduism really stands for, which is the license of any an all beliefs so long as that belief it not the absolute truth that Christianity teaches. It is in an eastern context the Western “postmodernism,” boldly declaring “there is no such thing as absolute truth” but with the caveat that anybody’s conception of truth is true so long as it is not Christianity, which is then explained away that it is because Christianity is intolerant and the usual excuses.

Martin Luther. While many people speak of the “religious” aspect of Luther’s Revolution, it was as much as and even moreso a political revolution that he started, as the Lutheran Church was created to be inseparable from German and Teutonic identity, creating ein deutsche Gott fur ein deutsche Leute (“a German god for a German people”). It is this reason why Peter Wiener in his groundbreaking book about Luther and Hitler says that Hitler was the natural fruit of Luther’s revolution, as the identitarianism preached by the National Socialists has its philosophical roots in Luther’s teachings.

Interestingly, this Hindu obsession with “pluralism” is no different than the Protestant obsession with calling all different Christians who follow different sects as “Christians” with little to no palpable distinction being made between beliefs unless one says he is Catholic. This is found anywhere Protestant sects are found but is a special case in the USA because while Protestantism is dead in Europe and exists for the most part in the form of a quasi-pagan nationalism or anti-clericalism, American Protestantism, while in decline is pervasive into all aspects of culture. While there are some regions in the USA that are highly agnostic (such as the Pacific Northwest and New England), other areas are highly “churched,” such as the “Bible belt” and many parts of the Midwest and South along the Gulf Coast towards Mexico.

American Protestantism differs little from its European roots in its universal rejection of the Catholic Faith even up to the point of calling it non-Christian and with its unnatural ties to nationalism, as Protestantism abolished the “three estates” division of the ancient and medieval worlds and amalgamtated the Church and State into a whole, subjecting the clergy beneath the government and making obedience to religion a sign of patriotism and good citizenship while opposition to the government regardless of policy as an act of equal treason against God and the state. But while the Protestants of Europe tended to fight with each other to the point of open conflict over doctrine, such as the wars between the Anabaptists, Calvinists, Church of England, and Lutherans, American Protestants amalgamate their sects to the point that theological distinctions are reduced to and treated as differences in points of emphasis in worship or personal preferences instead of actual matters of discussion. This penetrates from superficial matters all the way to core issues of salvation or damnation.

Take for example the issue of baptism. The Catholic Church clearly teaches based on the words of sacred scripture that Baptism is the way of salvation because Christ Himself instituted it. Up until the Second Vatican Council (which is another source of discussion unto itself for another time), the teaching was consistently the words of sacred scripture:

Likewise, the saints of the Church also reflect and elaborate on these words:

Anyone who is outside this Church … is walking a path not to Heaven but to Hell. He is not getting closer to the home of eternal. life; on the contrary, he is hurrying to the torment of eternal death. And this is the case not only if he remains a pagan without Baptism, but even if he continue as a heretic after having been baptized.
– St. Fulgentius

Although the Gentiles have Scriptures, and churches, and sacrifices, and teachers, and books, and a partial knowledge of God, and some good actions, and feast-days, and changing of garments, and prayers, and watchings, and priests, and many other things; nevertheless, no one on earth possesses the grace and operation of the Holy Spirit except those who have been rightly Baptized by faith in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
– Bl. Jerome of Jerusalem

I do not doubt that all those who have received Baptism anywhere and from whomever do have Baptism, as long as it was consecrated with the words of the Gospel and they received it without pretence on their part and with some degree of faith. However, it would not avail them for their spiritual salvation if they were lacking in that charity by which they might be implanted in the Catholic Church.
– St. Augustine

Peter, in showing that the Church is one and that only those who are in the Church can be saved, said: “In the Ark of Noah certain persons, numbering only eight, were saved by water, which Baptism effects in like manner for you” (1 Peter 3:20). He proves and demonstrates that the solitary Ark of Noah was the figure of the One Church. If, at the time of this Baptism of the world anyone could have been saved without having been in the Ark of Noah, then he who is outside the Church could now be brought to life by Baptism.
– St. Cyprian

These words apply universally to all people, and they are just a few quotes among the many and critical issues which the Church has already addressed and answered. However, one only needs to consider two to see how serious this matter is: the necessity of baptism for salvation, and the words of baptism used.

Many sects (such as the Baptists) insist that a person “decides” when he is ready to get baptized. However, this begs the question that what if a person does not get baptized and then dies before it is his time? Sacred Scripture clearly states that one must be baptized in order to enter into the Kingdom of God and see the beatific vision. Likewise, many of these Christian communities will baptize “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” as sacred scripture command explicitly, but will baptize “in the name of Jesus alone.” Some will then add to it that a person has to be dunked in an entire pool, and others say that baptism enters into a person when he is “baptized by the Holy Ghost,” which often times (including having seen this from personal experience) people rolling around on the floor and shouting like a demon possessed person during the middle of “service”:

Seriously, is either of this actually what God wants?

These are just two issues of the many that can be raised, but they all come back to the central question: Is this what God really wants? Did God really intend to have people jumping into kiddie pools in their bathing suits in “church?” Does He really want people losing control of their bodily functions in “church” while clearly ignoring the world His Son has given us?

These problems are not new, and they existed many centuries ago, and this is the reason why the Church has spoken so directly about them. For just as life does not fundamentally change just as God is the same then and now and human nature, having been made in the image and likeness of God in a post-original sin world will also change very little save for time, place, and tools of the age, so will the same problems persist as well as the answers to the problems remain the same. Likewise, it is the reason why Catholic Faith teaches so hard against heresy, because the heresies of old are not new, and ultimately what binds all heresy is the obsinate rejection of authority rooted in the sordid desire of man to become like God and make himself the authority over right and wrong. The real human sins of Christians and the failure of Christians in their particular generation to deal with those sins is almost always used at the reason to justify heresy, but the end purpose of heresy is never about helping the people affected or dealing with the issue, but about propagating the heresy at all costs. Just like how National Socialism cares nothing about culture and Communism care nothing about worker’s rights but use both to justify the consolidation of power at all costs and the profit for a few at the expense of the many, so does heresy care nothing about the issues at hand but about stealing power and using that power to enrich a few at the expense of the whole and without care as to the effects of these actions.

Hindu idolatry of Ganesha, one of many false gods. The Persians taught the Dravidian peoples Hinduism as a means to enslave them. Indeed, one could argue that the Persians were the first national socialists, just in a different place and time.

The Hindus must talk about “pluralism” because they do not really believe in pluralism just like how the upper classes of Hindus whose Aryan ancestors from Persia instituted the caste system centuries ago did not believe in it. They only care about power at all costs and consolidating that power in the nation using in their case race as the social point of pressure. In this sense, onecan better understand Hitler’s obsession with the “Aryan race,” since his vision for Germany in the 20th century was not his own creation, but merely a reflection of the Indian caste system, and in that case one cannot say that the roots for National Socialism were unique to 19th and 20th century Germany, but centuries ago to Germany’s Aryan ancestors on the Hindu Subcontinent. Just as in Germany today, the entire push in India for a “pure Hindu nation” that seeks to purge all “foreign elements” from India’s Nationalists is an oxymoron because Hinduism is a completely foreign and admittedly man-made religion by the Persians whose explicit purpose was to create a system to suppress and enslave the dark-skinned Dravidian peoples of the subcontinent. It is a double irony that the most vocal and violent supporters of Hinduism are often times the lower and darker skinned castes, since they were the direct target of the caste system. It is a literal case of where the enslavement is so deep in these people that they will fight and die for he who made them a slave and continues to abuse them.

In an American context, it reminds me of the story of Gabriel Prosser. Born a slave in Virginia, he was taught to read and write at a young age and trained as a skilled blacksmith. He planned and executed a failed slave rebellion in Virginia in 1800 alongside fellow slaves as well as free mulattoes, whites, and Christian clergy. His rebellion failed, and it was Christians and abolitionists, among them including a former slave ship owner who became a Christian and, knowing Gabriel’s history, gave him safe passage. The person who identified and turned Gabriel over to authorities where he was quickly tried and executed was a black slave who did for a $50 reward so he could buy his own freedom. It was not “the white man” who sold him out, but it was one of his own, who did it defending the very evil system that oppressed him, once again demonstrating that slavery is first a state of mind before a condition of the body.

An aghori holding a human skull. Hindus would argue in the name of pluralism that they, who are a cannibalistic, death-worshipping cult must be respected and Christianity suppressed. Anybody who would argue this group has any place in society at all should, if they have not already, seriously re-think this view, as it is completely evil since it gives license to all that which Christ is against.

It is important to keep up with the events taking place with regard to Hindu Nationalism because as we have pointed out before, the “counter jihad movement” is a close ally of these Hindu Nationalists. For just as the German National Socialist Aryanism is again showing its hideous face in Europe, so is the same Aryanism again appearing in the place where it was conceived and had had major social roots, which is India. What is happening here in India just as in Germany, Japan, and now the rest of the world is the classic situation that Christianity came into in the days of the paganism of the ancient world. It is the followers of Christ against the world, living in it but not of it as a despised minority, persecuted and admired, hated and unsure what to do with them. Christ came to save the lost, which includes all people who do not acknowledge Him as Lord, for as Christ says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and nobody comes to the Father except through me.” What Christ won on the cross these Hindu nationalists are attempting to steal away and using the name of patriotism and “citizenship” they are traveling in the same path of the National Socialists of Europe, preaching a worship of their own people, land, and identity and exterminating anybody they disagree with, claiming to be against forms of “foreign intervention” when their philosophy is just the same as those who would preach international socialism, striving for power at all costs and without any regard to anybody else.

Islamic terrorism is real, but so is Hindu terrorism. Two wrongs do not make a right, and likewise supporting the Hindus against the Muslims is akin to supporting the National Socialists against the Communists. There is no winning side, just one evil or the other. The answer is to choose neither, because evil is never an option for a Christian.

We have been writing that the greatest persecution of Christians is not a note in history’s past, but is waiting in the future, for just as Christ was rejected by the world, so will Christ through His followers be rejected again as the darkness of paganism sweeps over the earth. This time, however, it will involve the entire world, and there will be no safe place to hide because the tools that have brought the world closer together and made it more interconnected than ever before in history are being used now to bind a second darkness over the entire human race.

Saints, keep your lamps lit and an extra flask or two of oil on hand, watch and pray to be ready for what awaits.

Is it any surprise then that Jesus asked, when the son of man does return, will He find faith on the Earth?

Jesus the Just Judge

God is VERY Merciful, but He is also Just.

NEVER forget this.