President Trump Markets Sodomite Pride Hat For His Presidential Campaign

Trump was given a more than a fair chance to put his words into practice that he promised on the campaign trail years ago. Many people who call themselves Christians have been willing to overlook his many public sins of which he has made clear he has not and does not desire to repent of in order to hope that he may do something morally good for the nation. This is considering that Trump has also held the blasphemous sodomite flag during his campaign.

However, Trump’s term in office has been a dismal failure. Far from “making America great again,” he has stuffed his cabinet with men tied to foreign lobbying interests and continues to submit to the will of certain foreign lobbies while at the same time he pursues a more hawkish path than even that which George II took under his administration. In addition, while many people have said “Obama is gonna take our guns,” President Trump has stripped gun rights from the people while Obama gave gun rights to Americans.

His actions have shown him to be the opposite of what he claimed to be.

It is halfway through 2019, and Trump has made clear that for the 2020 presidential race, he intends to dupe the people into supporting him again. However, one of the biggest insults to his base, and especially Christians, was on his website, which is a “MAGA hat” done intentionally for sodomite pride:

(source, source)

It is impossible to talk about making any nation great again by supporting people who masturbate into each others self-inflicted anal medical wounds, find sexual arousal in eating human feces and spreading incurable diseases, and want to change the laws so they can rape children for fun. This is what the sodomite community is made up of and is known to those who are in it but do not regularly talk about because it is so hideous.

The saying MAGA should not stand for “Make America Great Again,” but rather maybe “Make America Gay Altogether” because that is the message that Trump is sending as he stands alongside a group of people that the Bible and many saints have called the most immoral to have existed and whose sin is so great that God destroyed the city on which the name of that sin is based as a sign for all times as to the evil of it and the consequence for persisting in it.

Those who have MAGA hats may want to reconsider wearing them simply because clearly, Trump does not believe in the MAGA message and he is more than willing to reduce what could have been a good political campaign to a worthless slogan in order to get more money from the common man for his pockets. He has no problem submitting to sodom if there is money it.

Given how the economic conditions are moving, where a recession is coming that will likely be worse than the previous one, it would be wise to consider taking the $35 for the hat and putting into savings for the future.

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