Archive | June 26, 2019

Satan-Worshiping Mother Who Pimps Her Son Out To Sodomite Pedophiles Gets Angry When They Start Publicly Fantasizing About Raping Him

Last year, did an exclusive investigation into the “kid drag star” called “Desmond is Amazing.” We uncovered how his mother is practically obsessed with occultism and satanism. You can read the full story here. “Desmond” is being used to advance pedophilia, as anybody can see based on his clothes, his actions, and the people […]

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Gasoline Prices Expected To Stay High As Major Refinery Shuts Down After Fire

Expect gas prices to stay high after a fire forced closed a major refinery according to a report: RBOB Gasoline futures jumped overnight, accelerating their recent ascent ever since the explosion and massive inferon at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) plant, following a Reuters report that the largest east coast refinery is expected to seek […]

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Two-Thirds Of Americans Regret Their College Degrees

“Go to college and get a degree” was the touted mantra for at least forty years. Millions of people did so, with progressively declining returns until about 2007, when the economy crashed and still has not “recovered.” Millions of students, now in lifelong debt, are regretting getting a degree, and that number is now a […]

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