Archive | June 29, 2019

North Macedonia Has Her First Ever Sodomite Pride Parade

Catholic author E. Michael Jones postulates the theory that one of the key means by which America in modern times secures her rule abroad is through the implementation of moral corruption. The sodomite movement is the most obvious of these and as one can aptly note, tends to rise in nations who are in or […]

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Atheism And Agnosticism Rise By Over 50% In The Arab World, Especially Among Youth

Often times the lands of North Africa and the Middle East are associated with Islam. While this is true, social and demographic changes taking place right now suggest that the monolithic power of Islam is beginning to crack away as atheism and agnosticism has risen over 50% from 8% to 13% of the people, and […]

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More Than Half Of The Youth In The Arab World Want To Migrate

More than half of the youth in the Arab world want to migrate to another region according to a report: The results of a recent survey in the Arab world show that more than half of the region’s young adults are considering emigrating, and an increasing number of people are identifying as “non-religious.” The Big […]

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