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New Evidence Declares That Evil Cartel Leader El Chapo Paid A Doctor To Keep His Victims Alive So He Could Torture Them More

The horrors of what the infamous cartel leader El Chapo has done continue to unfold. According to a recent story, it is said that El Chapo employed a doctor in order to keep people alive so he could torture them longer: Recent judicial records about the Mexican narco, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán , detail one […]

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Millennials Are Dying From “Deaths Of Despair”

It is not uncommon in a culture to have people to die from misery and despair. Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther was about a German man who kills himself over oneitis. Charlie Brown in the comic strip was driven to madness over his obsession with the “little red head girl,” and many other […]

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Major Catholic Leader Praises Homosexuality, Presents A Cross With Jesus With Rainbow Colors And Declares Celebration For Gay Pride

By Theodore Shoebat Major Catholic leader, Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, recently praised homosexuality, presented an image of a cross with Jesus with rainbow colors on it and declared his celebration of gay pride, as we read in a report from Life Site News: A U.S. bishop has issued a “prayer” card that celebrates homosexual […]

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The Senate Refuses To Block Trump From Ordering Military Strike On Iran

By Theodore Shoebat The Republican dominated Senate refused to block Trump from ordering a military strike on Iran, as we read in a report from USA Today: The GOP-controlled Senate defeated a measure Friday that would have blocked President Donald Trump from launching a military strike against Iran unless he got explicit congressional approval. The 50-to-40 vote came […]

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American Boxer Mike Tyson Goes To Poland And Says ‘Polish Guys Didn’t Have Sh*t Happen To Them Compared To Black People’

American boxer Mike Tyson recently caused a controversy after while on a tour in Poland said that Polish people “didn’t have sh*t happen to them” and that “black people in the US” have suffered more: Boxing legend Mike Tyson has caused controversy during a promotional tour in Poland by saying that Poles “didn’t have sh*t […]

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A French Hospital Is Starving A Patient To Death Right Now Per Court Orders

As we speak, a patient right now in a French hospital is being starved to death on a court order from the government according to a report: After the family of a French disabled man lost another battle to try to stop a hospital from removing his food and water, doctors have begun starving Vincent […]

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