Archive | June 22, 2019

UK Church Desecrated Three Times In Twenty-Four Hours With Satanic Graffiti

A church in the UK was desecrated three times in twenty-four hours with satanic graffiti according to a report: A church in Stratford was targeted three times within 24 hours during a spate of brazen arson attacks. St John’s Church on Stratford Broadway, St Matthew’s Church in Dyson Road, Stratford, and Cann Hall Methodist Church […]

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Playboy Magazine Puts Man Pretending To Be A Woman As A Playmate Model

This is not a woman – this is a man. Playboy magazine is arguably the most famous American porn magazine, expressing bits of popular culture and often times interesting feature stories alongside smutty photos of scantily or unclad women. In this time of history where men can become “women” and women can become “men,” the […]

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Steven Bannon Is Not A Catholic, He Is A Pagan Who Backs Pagan Movements That Want To Destroy Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat For years Steve Bannon has been working for the cause of Hindu nationalism. This is obvious for the fact that Bannon has been collaborating with Indian-American industrialist and Hindu nationalist Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, a Hindu lobbyist who, alongside members of his family, donated over a million dollars to Trump Victory, who also lobbies […]

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