Archive | June 14, 2019

Watch The Video Of A Teacher Castigating A Student For Saying There Are Only Two Genders

A video has emerged on Reddit (here, here) showing a student thrown out of class and being castigated by his teacher for saying there are only two genders: Not bad kid😉 from r/PublicFreakout Based on the accent, it seems as though the video was made in a school in Ireland. If listening to the teacher […]

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Sodomite Mother And Her Lover Cut Off Her 9-Year-Old Son’s Penis Trying To Turn Him Into A Girl, When It Fails They Stab Him In The Heart, Cut Up His Body, Barbecue The Pieces On A Grill, Then Stuff The Remains Into A Briefcase And Throw It Into A Hole

A sodomite mother and her lesbian lover in Brazil have been arrested and charged with a horrible crime. The mother and her lover tried to turn her 9-year-old son into a girl by chopping off his penis and drilling a hole between his legs to make a fake vagina. When that failed, the two stabbed […]

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Sodom-Loving Jewish Governor Of Illinois Signs Law To Turn State Into A Massive Death Camp

Illinois’ sodom-loving Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker is a Jewish billionaire who has openly and repeatedly declared his support of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and how it is one of the top ten museums in the country. But in an ironic twist of fate, Pritzker has just signed into law one of the most pro-eugenics laws […]

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