Sodomite Mother And Her Lover Cut Off Her 9-Year-Old Son’s Penis Trying To Turn Him Into A Girl, When It Fails They Stab Him In The Heart, Cut Up His Body, Barbecue The Pieces On A Grill, Then Stuff The Remains Into A Briefcase And Throw It Into A Hole

A sodomite mother and her lesbian lover in Brazil have been arrested and charged with a horrible crime. The mother and her lover tried to turn her 9-year-old son into a girl by chopping off his penis and drilling a hole between his legs to make a fake vagina. When that failed, the two stabbed the boy in the heart while he slept, chopped up his body, and then barbecued the pieces on a grill. They then took the pieces, put them into a briefcase, and threw the remains into a hole according to a report:

The boy Rhuan Maicon da Silva Castro, 9, was quartered on Friday night (31), in Samambaia, in the Federal District. His mother, Rosana Auri da Silva Cândido, 27, and her companion, Kacyla Pryscila Santiago Damasceno Pessoa, 28, confessed to the crime and were arrested on Saturday (1st).

They told the police that Rhuan was killed in his sleep with a knife in his heart. Then the body was quartered and they still tried to burn it on a barbecue. Unsuccessfully, they put his body parts in a suitcase and threw them into a manhole in the neighborhood where they live. It was around 1:30 a.m. and young people who played near the ball were surprised and went to see what was in the suitcase when they left. The police were fired.

There were still members of the child in two backpacks in their house – they would be discarded later. Rhuan’s half sister, an 8-year-old girl who is Kacyla’s daughter, was asleep when the crime happened. She was referred to the Guardianship Council after her mother’s arrest. Through drawings, she told how she came to see parts of her brother’s body of consideration.

According to the Council, Rhuan had his penis severed 1 year ago by his mother. Counselor Claudia Regina Carvalho told Uol that Rosana and Kacyla wanted to make Rhuan a girl. They smoothed his hair, which was long every day. “It was a kind of sex-change surgery. After they had removed the penis, they stitched the mutilated region and improvised a version of a female genital organ, making a cut in the groin,” he says.

Their posture in front of men also influenced Kacyla’s daughter, who has a strong aversion to men. The girl’s father, Rodrigo Oliveira, went to the Federal District to get the child, who at first refused to meet him. He had not seen his daughter for five years and could only talk to her after insisting too much. “She (Kacyla’s daughter) said she did not like her foster brother because she was a man,” says the counselor. “The child did not look directly at his (the father’s) face, he only held my hand, he would still spend some time in the shelter to readapt the family he had not seen for a long time. “.

The crime caught the attention of the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves, who visited the Tutelar de Samambaia Council and said she was “shocked” by the case. “Can you imagine how much pain this child has been suffering?” She asked in a video posted on Twitter. She said she wants to “know where the safety net failed.”

The Guardianship Council says it has never received complaints about children – they did not go to school and apparently lived under private jail.

Rhuan’s father, Maycon Douglas Lima de Castro, had custody of the child, but after the separation the mother ran away with the boy. “We tried to save the Rhuan, we put them on social networks, we went to the police and the Guardianship Council, nobody helped us,” says Maycon.

He and Rosana have had a two-year relationship in Acre, where they are both. Rhuan was born in Rio Branco. They split up just because Rosana betrayed him to Kacyla. Rosana, Kacyla and the two children left Acre and lived in Sergipe, Goiás and finally in the DF.

In November of 2015, Maycon obtained the provisional custody of the son, but never located it. “My father told me the news (of Rhuan’s murder), and when I saw the photos of the two of them I did not believe, the file did not fall, when my son disappeared, we all became desperate. the Justice of Brazil does not help and the result was this, “he laments.

Unemployed, Maycon would raise money to try to go after Rhuan – he received information that his son would be in the DF. Now the boy’s body will return to O Acre, with costs paid by the prosecutor’s office there for burial. (source, source)

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