Hindu Terrorists Attack, Tie Up, And Beat Five Christians In India

Hindu terrorists recently attacked, tied up, and beat up five Christians according to a report:

Villagers in central India ruthlessly attacked five Christians after they had made a complaint to the police. The believers were tied, and one managed to escape to another village to share the news while the others remained bound all night.

Upon hearing the news, the believers from the other village approached the police and made a complaint. However, the police did not provide adequate assistance. The beatings were stopped after these Christians dropped their initial complaint. Although the beatings have ceased, Christians report continued tension in the village. Robberies of Christian homes have become commonplace since the incident.

Religious freedom conditions in India have been on a downward trend for years, despite the constitutional protections provided for religious minorities. Hardline Hindu extremist narratives are increasingly on display in the public sphere which seeks to alienate the country’s small Christian population. India rates as a Tier 2 Country of Particular Concern by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. (source)

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