German Businessman In Poland Secretly Recorded By Polish Employee Saying “I Hate All Poles”, “You’re Sh*t,” “I Am A Nazi”, “I Am A Hitler” And “I Would Kill All Poles, I Would Not Have A Problem With It”

This story was back in February 2019, but it is worth reporting on again in light of the rise of nationalism in Germany. It is important not to forget that the conflicts of the past are as real today as they were then. Germany has historically waged war against Poland and severely persecuted her. Today, while Poland is often times accused of “stealing welfare” from Germany, there are many Poles who point out how most of the companies in Poland are German, and that Germany is using Poland as a farm and taking wealth out of the nation, with what goes into it being mostly business investments, and so the biggest wealth earners are Germans and not Poles.

The Polish feelings about Germany are well-known, but Germany covers hers up. She still feels genocidal towards Poland, but just is better at giving the impression she does not hold those beliefs. However, they show through at times, such as in a story from Poland where a German businessman, Hans Gielen, was forced to apologize and pay a fine after a secret recording caught him screaming at a Polish employee, Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska, saying that he is a Nazi who hates Poles and he wishes he could kill them all:

In an apology addressed to Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska, the German entrepreneur Hans G. is to express “deep regret for the used rhetoric of hatred towards the Polish nation” – ordered the Gdansk court, convicting a man for hate speech towards Poles. After the judgment has become final, the statement is to be sent by registered post to the plaintiff, posted in a prominent place at the G.’s office, published in the weekly Gazeta Polska and read by Telewizja Republika. In addition, Hans G. is to pay 50,000 PLN as compensation.

The District Court in Gdańsk recognized Hans G. – a German entrepreneur operating in Poland – guilty of hate speech towards Poles. The court ordered G. to apologize to the plaintiff. The man is also supposed to pay 50,000 compensation for the Piaśnicki Museum in Wejherowo.

According to the decision issued by judge Piotr Kowalski, the entrepreneur has to submit a statement as follows:

I, Hans Gielen, I feel guilty for spoken words and behaviors offending the dignity and national pride of Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska and all Poles. I express deep regret for my rhetoric of hatred towards the Polish nation, which is unacceptable and which I violated the personal rights of Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska. I am aware that the fates of our nations are based on a difficult history and that is why Polish-German relations require proper delicacy and a sense of responsibility. I would like to make an apology to Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska, assuring me that my words do not reflect my true views.

After the judgment has become final, the statement is to be sent by registered post to the plaintiff, posted for a month in a prominent place in the company’s headquarters, published in the weekly Gazeta Polska and read by TV Republika.

The civil proceedings for violation of personal rights were brought by a German entrepreneur – co-owner of Pos System from Kosakowo (Pomorskie) – a former employee of the company Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska. The plaintiff was managing projects at Hansa G. from June 2015 to January 2016.

In March 2016, Telewizja Republika issued a program in which Nitek-Płażyńska presented recorded footage, illustrating insulting it against the background of, among others, by Hans G. A German entrepreneur spoke, among others, “I hate Poles, not that I do not like them, I hate them, they are all torments and idiots, it’s better in Africa. You’re shit.” “Yes, I am! I am a Nazi! It is the fault of this country (Poland) that I am like that” – the businessman also had to say. “I would kill all Poles, I would not have a problem with it” – you can also hear on the recording.

Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska is a member of the PiS and – from May 2018 – the wife of the candidate of the United Right in the last local elections for the presidency of Gdańsk, Kacper Płażyński. (source, source)

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