Playboy Magazine Puts Man Pretending To Be A Woman As A Playmate Model

This is not a woman – this is a man.

Playboy magazine is arguably the most famous American porn magazine, expressing bits of popular culture and often times interesting feature stories alongside smutty photos of scantily or unclad women.

In this time of history where men can become “women” and women can become “men,” the iconic magazine has now opted to do something never been done before, which is to have a tranny be a playmate model:

Filipino-American model Geena Rocero will make history as the first Asian Pacific Islander to pose for a Playboy centerfold. She also happens to be transgender.

The 35-year-old model took to Instagram last week to announce the news to her followers.

“I’m Beyond PROUD to share the news and be the First Trans Asian Pacific Islander @Playboy Playmate!” she wrote.

Rocero, who will appear in Playboy’s August issue, said she hopes her success will inspire others.

“I feel that I’m making it possible for someone to reach for their biggest dreams just like the people who came before me,” she told

“I also hope that for anyone who’s been deemed ‘other’ to know what makes you different is your power, especially the unapologetic expression of your sexuality, gender, and the value of your unique perspective,” the model added.

In an interview for Playboy’s June edition, devoted to subjects related to gender and sexuality, Rocero discussed how her viral 2014 TED Talk launched her career as a trans advocate, and eventually led to starting her own production company.

“I became … a transgender Tyra Banks, because I believe telling stories through the lens of the transgender experience speaks louder than statistics,” she said.

Rocero is the second openly transgender model to appear in the magazine, the first being French model Ines Rau. (source, source)

Now it should be clear that Playboy is garbage, always has been garbage, and always will be garbage. Trannies have always had their own “specialty” magazine for those inclined to the ways and practices of sodom. However, this action must be paid attention to because it signals a major cultural shift.

Playboy magazine is, regardless of the obvious moral indecency it promotes, a reflection of popular culture and the same culture’s attitude towards sexuality as seen through a man’s eyes. Men like women, and as pornography has been with the human race since its inception, like to look at naked women. The question is how such nudity and actions associated with said naked women compares throughout time.

Consider the example below, which is a cover from the November 1955 Playboy magazine:

Note how not only is there no nudity on it, but the photo is vaguely “wholesome” tinged with a touch of sexuality in a way that would not even be considered “soft-core” porn. The centerfold, which one can see if one wants to, shows the model on the cover topless but in her home, preparing to take a bath and then getting out and putting a towel one. Indeed, much of the woman’s body portrayal is far more covered and less scandalous than what passes for an average “swimsuit” today worn by women of all ages.

A simple Google search for the word “bikini”.

These women above are dressed more risque than the model in that Playboy issue.

I am not saying this to laud the past or the magazine, but to say that one can clearly see, as reflected in the magazine, the decline of the American man’s fantasy and mind from something normal and common to all men and cultures throughout and across time and history to the utterly debauched as evidenced by the photos, positions, and philosophy conveyed in them. This is also not to say that Playboy did not contribute to worsening these conditions, as she most certainly did so, or to absolve the public from their responsibility in wanting such filth, for any business only sells what it can turn a profit from its customers. It is a shared responsibility where mutual blame exists. It is likewise a consistent articulation of the position that I have held and maintained, which is that pornography is a reflection of society and social policy, and one can understand much about a society by the kind of material it finds attractive as well as where a society and social trends are moving towards.

Homosexuality is evil. It is a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance. Trannies are sodomites, and because of this are evil. A man who cuts off his penis, drills a hole between his legs and puts on a dress does not become a woman, but it a man wearing a dress with no penis and a hole where his organ should be.

However, owing to the proliferation of plastic surgery, hormone therapy, and other monstrosities done in the name of medicine, men who want to be women and women who want to be men are getting to a point where they are becoming “passable”, or that it is difficult to distinguish between the genders on appearance. Some people call this variety of sodomite “traps,” because one feels an attraction to (be it for dating or just casual sex) this person only to realize into the relationship or in some cases, when one is about to or in the middle of having sexual activity, that the person is not the gender he is pretending to be, and therefore is “trapped”.

“Traps” have been aggressively promoted online, especially on 4Chan, for a long time. The traps that are coming out today are truly almost indistinguishable, especially at a first glance, from a real woman.

This is a heinous evil because men are attracted by sight. This is the reason why pornography for men shows pictures of women being penetrated by headless penises, because the man is attracted to the woman and the bodiless penis allows for the psychological superimposition of the watcher to place himself in that role. In the mind of the man consuming porn, the woman’s focus is on “him,” and any other male introduced into the photo is done so in such a way as to give the impression that the viewer is the one in the picture. This is to be compared with women, who are not attracted to visuals but rather to words. For example, “Playgirl” magazine, which features men with large penises and muscles, is not very popular among women but sodomite males. To the contrary, men scarcely ever read romance novels, but romance novels are a huge industry for women and the infamous BDSM story Fifty Shades of Grey sold prolifically among women because while there were no photos of naked bodies, its effect was the same as what photos of naked bodies do for men, but instead here to women.

This is where the evil nature of transsexualism comes in, especially with traps. For since a man goes by sight, and if a trap is only distinguished from a real woman with significant difficulty, then the result is that many men will feel a natural, biological attraction to the trap not for reasons of a homosexual lust, but because the man is having his natural defense mechanisms subverted by the insidious sodomite’s actions. This action is psychologically destructive because when a man comes to realize that he was actually looking at and feeling attracted to another man, if can cause, especially if done so consistently and for a long time, a rupture in his psyche between his feeling and his mind. It effectively undermines his own masculinity and confuses him about what his nature is as a man. It is a formula for seducing men into sodom by harming them psychologically and confusing them about who they are using deceitful tools.

The fact that Playboy magazine is promoting a tranny now, in a men’s magazine, means two things. First, it signals the power of the sodomite lobby and her acolytes in the US, where social policy is now being dictated to the public through a major cultural magazine reflecting the most intimate sexual tastes of society. Second, it means that there are enough men who would have relations with another man if that man looks “attractive” enough to him in his appearance.

This is very serious. A major cultural change is underway as the idea of male and female itself is being flushed to extinction in exchange for promoting a fluidity based on feelings and amorality. It is the rising power of sodom pouring out her filth on the human race.

If there was ever an argument for a return to Christian morality and putting the hookup culture to the violent death that is long overdue to it, this is it. There was never a need or justification for “one night stands,” and now that it is becoming impossible to distinguish between male and female, it is for the safety of people that they stop sleeping around and return to the ancient teachings of the Church.

If it is now normal to think that men can have sexual fantasies about another man who looks like a woman, what is next?

One already can see where this is heading to.

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