Sodomite Genital Mutilators Put On Striptease For Small Children With Police Protection, Parents Get Harassed By Police And Doxxed For Opposing It

For years, has been warning about the sodomite agenda.

We said constantly- arguably the largest and most consistent Christian voice on the Internet -that the sodomites are evil, they are coming to destroy society and rape children because they love it, and that they must be opposed lest they be part of realizing the renewal of a contemporary form of the old pagan order under which the world was hostage and into which Christ was born and came to destroy.

We were called “bigots.” “Homophobes.” “Racists” and “Nazis”- even though we have made it quite clear that we oppose all forms of racialism as well as darwinian socialism be it in the international (Marxist/Communist) or nationalized forms. We were told that we need to “understand” the LGBT, that we are “intolerant,” and that we needed to go away.

Many so-called Christians sided with the sodomites.

We kept to sacred scripture and sacred tradition because of the simple truth that the Bible has always taught and that all of the Church councils, the writings of the saints, and the theologians have maintained for centuries have stated with one unanimous voice, that the LGBT is a sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance,” and that Sodom and the cities on the plain with her were all destroyed as a sign before all generations to indicated the wickedness of this sin and what it merits.

We were still called bigots and harassed. Eventually, a lot of people simply stopped listening to us because the laughed us off as “alarmists” and “extremists.”

Unfortunately, our warning have come true, as now there are sodomites who are receiving police protection to do stripteases in front of small children while the parents are being harassed and cited by police and then harassed by other people for opposing what the sodomites are doing:

Two concerned mothers who attended a recent “Teen Pride” celebration at a public library in Renton, Washington, told The College Fix that they have now been doxxed for their efforts to expose the event, which included a graphic dance by a drag queen and the distribution of other adult sex and gender materials.

Asking their names not to be published out of fear for their safety — as some of their birthdays and addresses have already made the rounds on social media — the two concerned moms said in interviews on Monday that they attended the June 22 event because they were upset at the programming and wanted to shine a light on it.

They said, although library officials promised it would be family friendly, it was anything but that.

The women and some of their allies attending the event in a somewhat undercover capacity were able to capture on film a large amount of the pride festivities at the Renton Public Library — including the graphic performance of a drag queen — before police were called to escort some of the moms out.

In the performance, the drag queen was seen removing a skirt at the start and then dancing in scantily clad clothing to the tune of the song “Like a Girl.” The drag queen sang in part, “If you feel like a girl, then you real like a girl. Do your thing, run the whole damn world.” The song ended with various expletives.

“I witnessed kids in that show and in the following panel that couldn’t have been more than ten,” one of the moms told The Fix.

In their main video, parents, teenagers, tweens, children and even kids in strollers can be seen at the library event. Footage showed the distribution of lube, dental dams, and flavored condoms. One pamphlet stated: “Abuse is not S/M [sadism and masochism].” Pictures also showed sex pamphlets in the shape of male genitalia.

Saleem Juma, an independent journalist, obtained a close-up of the freebies handed out at the event. One of them is in the shape of a penis and reads in part: “Reducing sexual risks is the easiest way to prevent your Moby-Dick from exhibiting 50 Shades of Grey … We want you to be the Lord of unzipping Flies, but don’t let an STI catch you by surprise!”

One of the moms told The Fix that she saw young people at the event under the age of 18 who were not accompanied by adults despite a library official saying that would not be allowed.

Meanwhile, another mom added that Planned Parenthood representatives there spoke about its “gender reformation services” that involve “giving testosterone and progesterone to young people” and they were hoping to offer them to children under 18 without parental consent.

The event also boasted gift cards for breast binders, one of the tools that many transgender men use to attempt to make their bodies into more of a traditionally masculine shape.

At around 5 p.m., event organizers began to forcibly remove parents who did not have teens with them, the moms said.

Lynn Meagher, an attendee at the event, tells PJ Media that, while she was being removed by the police, she said, “I am staying here and I am documenting this. If they’re not doing anything wrong, they should not be ashamed. Two officers [then] grabbed my arms and pulled me out of my chair and pushed me out of the library.”

Video of police escorting moms out was posted on Twitter.

After the concerned moms’ video of the event was posted, Emerald City Antifa began to dox the women, tweeting: “To reiterate today, we had two queerphobic adults filming kids going in and out of the bathrooms at Teen Pride event at Renton Public library… We’ll post link in thread, please help us identify these pervs.”

“When we went out to the parking lot… We’re standing there talking and this man was photographing us. He started yelling at us and filming us and he said, ‘I’m putting your picture on Twitter. I’m filming your license plate. I’m going to make sure everybody knows who you are, you hateful bigot.’ And then we were surrounded and there are four men filming us and they are kind of circling us like wolves,” one of the moms told The Fix.

“We who have good intentions to protect our children from this indoctrination have become the enemy,” one of the moms told The Fix. (source, source)

We’re not gloating or laughing about this. But at the same time, I’m going to sit here and write “I told you so” because it is the hard truth. What we warned about was not to incite fear or alarm, but to report what is a very hard truth that so few want to discuss in the direct language that needs to be used to describe the horror of what these people want.

The hour is very late, but there is still time to oppose the sodomite agenda. There is still time to stand against it, for even if one has supported it for a long time, it does not mean that one cannot change.

But make no mistake, this is not about anything extreme. Rather, just saying what so few want to say out of fear, often times until it is too late.

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