What Is Exactly Happening With “Meth 2.0”?

Meth has been a problem in the US for years, but now it has reached a new level after a new type of meth, in what authorities are calling “Meth 2.0”, has been discovered in California and South Carolina according to reports.

Primarily imported from Mexico by major drug traffickers, “meth 2.0” is stronger, cheaper and far more plentiful than the old home-cooked variety. And with historic levels of funding from the federal government focused exclusively on fighting opioid addiction, states and counties are scrambling to find resources to combat this most recent drug plague.

In the small city of Greenville, Faces and Voices of Recovery staff work around the clock to provide a place people struggling with meth addiction can come to talk. CEO Rich Jones spends many evenings and weekends fundraising because little federal or state money exists to provide the kind of long-term support people in recovery from meth addiction need, he said.

he leap in deaths has been dramatic. The Pickens County coroner, Kandy Kelley, said 25 people died of a drug overdose in the county last year, topped by 39 as of September this year, mostly from a combination of meth, opioids and other substances.

At Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County, a state-funded drug treatment center a few doors down from the cafe, more people are seeking treatment for meth addiction than ever before, Executive Director Angela Farmer said. And those in treatment are having a much tougher time quitting. (source)

Unfortunately, I have witnessed the meth crisis up front, and in some cases almost as close as one can get to it without being involved in the drug itself.

“Meth 2.0” does not make any sense. An article from the CATO Institute produced in March 2019 says that the main chemical used is Phenylacetone (also called Phenyl 2-Propanone), it blames Mexican drug traffickers for producing it and importing it from Mexico, as the above chemical is very difficult to obtain in the US without significant help, as in major trafficking operations involving advanced corporate or government assistance.

Meth is a staple drug of many rural communities and has been for a long time. It is destructive, and there is nothing good to be said about it. However, it is odd that this “new” form of meth is coming up now.

How is it made? What are the origins? There are many questions here that must be answered.

Shoebat.com has pointed out how the entire drug trade and the wars involving the cartels are extensions of US proxy wars with other nations, and those who bear the heaviest cost are those in the nations where the drugs are produced as well as those to whom the drugs are marketed and then consume them, for it rips apart families and societies all in a disgusting game of power at all cost.

One cannot help but wonder if the increase in meth use is linked to a decline in opiate use, for while opiates are still a major issue, following the breakup of the Jewish drug empire created by the Sackler brothers, who openly admitted that they sold and pushed oxycontin with the purpose of making people addicted to they could profit from their suffering and has created a nationwide crisis where many people have suffered and died and families have been destroyed, that this “new” meth is being introduced in order to start a “meth crisis” worse than what already exists for further political manipulation.

Meth as noted right now is mostly a problem in poor rural communities out west and in the southeast, but is growing around the nation.

Will “meth” become a nationwide crisis like opiates was for the past year, substituting one for the other? It is certainly possible, and while it is yet to be seen, this is an excellent reminder that all “drug policy” is ultimately political policy, and that the promotion of drugs for non-medical means is linked to “black bag” type operations that do not ultimately fund “terrorist groups” made up of brown people carrying guns, but the biggest terrorists, who are usually white people in suits that sit in offices or wear nice suits with titles such as “Special Operations” who train said brown people in nations throughout the world to wage proxy wars and commit crimes against the human race for power.

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