Archive | November 15, 2019

70% Of Americans Say They Are In Financial Trouble

There has been a long-held illusion of prosperity in America, but that image is fast disappearing as the truth of debt, depression, and poverty is showing herself. I have been clear that this trend is going to become much more obvious in the future, and people need to prepare for it lest they are caught […]

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David Daleiden Loses His Case, Is Found Guilty Of Crimes And Forced To Pay Thousands Of Dollars To Child Murderers

David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress shocked the world when he exposed the selling of baby body parts from abortion by Planned Parenthood. His case has been going through the courts for years, and a recent ruling has just found him guilty of multiple “crimes” and he is now being forced to pay […]

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Bad Behavior Is Not Limited To Any Group Of People

Years ago, the Afro-American comic-turned-cartoon “The Boondocks” put out a clip on her show that many people called highly racist. The clip showed two of the main characters going to a chicken restaurant to try the latest fried chicken with the “new recipe”, and when they arrive, the restaurant announces they have run out of […]

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