Archive | November 8, 2019

Perversity Is Being Promoted And Attempts At Living Morally Are Being Violently Attacked And Mocked For The Purpose Of Enslaving People

A moral people have no need of detailed laws or an intrusive government because, as the Bible makes it very clear in the New Testament, they are able to generally police themselves. This does not always happen in a world after Original Sin, but the principle is the same, that morality leads to order and […]

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The US Does Not Care About “Human Rights” In Cameroon- This Is About Economic War With China

The US recently cut off all aid to Cameroon citing “human rights” abuses and torture. President Donald Trump has stripped trade benefits from Cameroon over accusations that its military has committed human rights abuses against civilians and separatists in the West African country’s two civil war-ridden Anglophone regions. In a letter to U.S. Congress last […]

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