Archive | November 19, 2019

Scientists Create Robot That Insults Humans

Robotics will be crucial for the future, but as always, they will be immediately employed to control and manipulate people on behalf of those with evil desires. Some of the developments in robotics have been very shocking, and now there has been a robot created which “insults” people as it plays a game against them. […]

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Georgia May Go Democrat

The southern state of Georgia is known for voting Republican in modern history. However, following many changes to the state driven largely by migration from within the US, the once consistent Republican state is becoming a swing state similar to Florida. “Georgia is at a turning point,” Moore said. “We have enjoyed a lot of […]

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Powerful British Socialite Defends Pederasty And Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship With The Royal Family On Television

Georgie Ziadie, known as Lady Colin Campbell, is a well-known British socialite descended from a powerful family in Jamaica. She recently made news in the UK after she defended pederasty as well as the relationship between Prince Andrew of the British Royal family and the infamous pedophile with direct ties (through his contacts as well […]

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