Archive | November 26, 2019

Sodomite And His Girlfriend Arrested For Taking Turns Sodomizing Fifteen-Year-Old Male Dressed Up As A Goat In Bestiality Fetish

“Furries” are people who dress up as cartoon animals and then “roleplay” as that animal. As I have written before, the “furry” phenomenon was started during the 1980s by two sodomites, and ever since its inception, the movement has been dominated by sodomites who use the cover of cartoons and costumes to engage in a […]

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Political Violence Will Significantly Grow In The Next Decade

As the 2010s comes to a close, one can see the rise of nationalism, extremism, and the rebirth of a new eugenics movement taking place that models herself on the old one. These things are all warnings of the future. Another trend that has noted began during the 2016 Presidential election and is becoming […]

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Major American Christian Leaders Declare That Christians Who Disagree With The “Chosen One” Are “Demonic”

In November 2018, I wrote a piece about how the Trump movement has become a cult of personality. I noted this in the context of how people will defend certain malicious behaviors that Trump has exhibited and at times boasted about, but when others attempt to discuss said behaviors of Trump, there is an immediate […]

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