Archive | November 30, 2019

Did The Chinese Or Russians Just Attack A Major Rubber Plant In Texas?

While Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving in preparation for the upcoming Christmas rush, the busiest time of the year that account for 25% and sometimes more of the nation’s economic gains, a time when the trucks roll non-stop from place to place, a series of explosions took place at a major rubber plant in Texas responsible […]

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“St. Lincoln” Has Been Temporarily Replaced By The “Cult Of Trump”

Regardless what one thinks of presidents of the past, be they good or bad, there is a general acknowledgement that Lincoln is one of the “great presidents” of America alongside George Washington, Jackson, Roosevelt, FDR, and Kennedy. This is regardless of the particular political idol being presented for worship in the temple of public opinion, […]

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New Study Declares That Most People Would Shave Their Heads, Give Up Coffee, And Spend A Week In Jail To Get Rid Of The “Life Sentence” Of Student Loan Debt

I have emphasized economic issues with great strength because the economic problems are leading to major social problems that are causing complete social destabilization. One of the major issues both as a cause and a factor that exacerbates the current situation is the parasitic influence of student loans debts, for while it is bad enough […]

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