Archive | November 11, 2019

Youtube Will Delete More Accounts In The Coming Days, But This Is Not The Main Issue

Youtube is releasing an updated “terms of service” that has many content creators highly concerned, for just as we here at have experienced with the abrupt deletion of our videos, that this new “agreement” will allow for a “legalized” form of censorship. YouTube is rolling out updated terms of service on December 10th, and […]

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Amazon Declares Massive New Changes To Alexa In The Future

Amazon’s Alexa has disturbed many people. However, recent developments are saying that in the future, the company is planning to add “eyes” and “ears” to the device. Speaking with MIT Technology Review, Rohit Prasad, Alexa’s head scientist, has now revealed further details about where Alexa is headed next. The crux of the plan is for […]

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Will The Next Development In Technology Will Be A Regression From It?

The progress of technology has become startling to the point that science fiction of a few decades ago is now becoming reality. This is very noted in the biomedical, nanoelectronic, robotics, and artificial intelligence fields, which are being done for the purpose of pursuing a philosophy of a new darwinism and also a revival of […]

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