Archive | November 21, 2019

Famous HIV-Infected Sodomite Pederast Arrested For Sodomizing Teenager, Exposing Him To HIV

The sodomites define themselves by their obsessive lusts and demand that people acquiesce to their demands to indulge in their insatiable and unquenchable desires. Many do not care who they hurt, what the consequences are, or even if their personal freedoms are jeopardized. The Shoebat archives has chronicles many examples of the common behavior of […]

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Poland Is About To Experience Her Own Refugee Crisis

When people think of “refugees” and Europe, they think of Germany, Sweden, or England, as these nations were prominently featured in the 2015 and 2016 refugee crisis. However, Poland is very close to experiencing her own refugee crisis as Polish businesses are running out of workers and have been importing Ukrainians to fill the deficit. […]

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AARP Executive Insults Poor Millennials, Says “We’re The People That Actually Have The Money”

The millennials are very angry right now at their parents because of the decline of the economy and the loss of jobs caused directly by policies supported by boomers for generations. Now in a recent article, in response to millennial frustration and complaints, a senior executive from the AARP said “we’re the people that actually […]

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