Archive | November 28, 2019

Multiple Strains Of Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found On Raw Meat In Major Supermarkets

The return of disease a-la 19th century and prior style plagues threatens to return to the world again as the abuse of antibiotics in everyday life has caused once easily curable illnesses to become resistant to cures and re-emerge with a deadly vengeance. There are three areas in which this has been most prominent. The […]

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Angry Chinese Man Yelling Big Threats Sits Down And Cowers Without So Much As A Whimper When Reality Sets In

China and the US have been in a public, angry dispute about the state of trade affairs. President Xi Jinping and other official Chinese Communist Party news outlets and members have attacked the US, Trump, and US farmers. I have said that all of these statements are irrelevant and one should ignore them because the […]

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Christian Woman Wins Interesting Legal Case With Potentially Major Legal Impacts On The Power Of Islam In Egypt

Egypt has been under Muslim control since the Islamic invasion under Amr ibn Al-‘As in 639, and certainly since the fall of the ancient world, she has been a majority “Muslim” nation, albeit with a large Christian bloc that in current times accounts for approximate 10% of her population. As a result of Islamic influence, […]

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