Archive | November 7, 2019

Ancient Demon God Of Child Sacrifice Put On Display In Rome

The Old Testament repeatedly attacks the Canaanites and also those Israelites who worship a status of a demon named Moloch, which according to Sacred Scripture and the record of sacred Tradition seems to have been a kind of Afro-Semitic “bull god” which demanded human sacrifice in the form of babies and young children being burned […]

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Judge Gives Police Access To Private DNA Database

In what some are calling “game-changer” warrant, a Florida judge has allowed for police to access a private DNA database to search for profiles to catch a serial rapist. A Florida detective investigating a serial rapist will have access to the DNA profiles of nearly one million people after a judge recently approved a warrant […]

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Millennials Are Going To Get Sick And Die Faster Than Their Parents

The two things in life one says are guaranteed include death and taxes, but some come faster than others. For Millennials, is is the former, and at rates faster than their parents. In the report’s intro, analysts from Moody’s Analytics write that, in examining “millennial health patterns,” they found “several interesting and concerning findings.” Well… […]

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