Man In Germany Declares That The German Government Is Backing Ukrainian Nazis. The German Government Fines Him 2000 Euros

A man in Germany named Heinrich Bücker is being penalized by the government for criticizing Germany’s support for Ukraine against Russia. He argued in a speech that Germany, due to its history of war with Russia, should not participate in a war by proxy with Russia today. He also affirmed that the German government is backing Ukrainian fascists. The German government has deemed his speech as supporting an aggressor in a war of aggression. According to Hintergrund:

Since the beginning of the open war in Ukraine, legal investigations have increased in Germany. The accusation: approval of a war of aggression. At the beginning of the year, the Berlin peace activist Heinrich Bücker received a penalty order for a speech. The case was even discussed in the UN Security Council last week. Bücker defends himself against the reprisals. Other similar procedures are also currently being conducted.

Bucker had paid a visit to the Soviet memorial with a group of peace activists to protest Germany’s support for Ukraine against Russia. A lawyer later complained about a statement on Bucker’s website, stating that it gave the impression that it argues justifying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Bucker was eventually finned 2000 euros. Bucker’s lawyer stated that his speech was a “permissible and unpunished expression of opinion about the behavior of the Federal Republic today, its historical responsibility (also) towards Russia and the criticism of the still existing fascism”. The same report from Hintergrund says that “Bücker sticks to his opinion and continues to criticize the cooperation of the German government with Ukrainian fascists.”

It is disturbing that Germany is arresting people for criticizing support for Ukraine. Bucker is stating that does not want his country to support nazis. Germany supposedly wants to sever itself from its past; so then why wouldn’t want someone to be against supporting nazis? Just because these nazis may be Ukrainian, does not make it okay to back them because they can be used to fight Russia. Germany was once under Nazism, and now it is fining one of its own citizens for disagreeing with supporting nazis against Russia. Germany is not far off from going right back to the sin of its grandfathers and great grandfathers.

In 2018 it was reported how the German military airlifted two Ukrainian nazi soldiers:

In July, one of the injured Ukrainian fighters about to be airlifted for treatment by the German air force performed a gesture identical to a Nazi salute while he was lying on a stretcher and being filmed by the Deutsche Welle TV crew. According to the report, eight Ukrainians were admitted to a hospital in Berlin that day, and six others were transferred to a hospital in Hamburg.

Another injured man heading off to Germany at the same time was filmed by a Ukrainian TV channel TSN wearing a T-shirt from the clothing brand popular with neo-Nazis and ultranationalists. The shirt in question made a reference to the SS Division ‘Wiking.’

The neo-Nazi ideology within the battalion was noted by major media outlets, such as USA Today and Der Spiegel, while its commanders dismiss the ties with Nazi Germany, and insist that the extreme views of some of the fighters are “their personal beliefs.”

What this shows is that Germany has not really changed its spirit. In the two World Wars the Germans fought the Russians, with the Nazis having their own Ukrainian SS division (1st Ukrainian Division UNA) who wanted to kill off the Russians, the Poles and the Jews. What is Germany doing today when it backs Ukrainian nazis fighting Russia? Its abiding by the same spirit that it has had for a very long time. There is a pattern in German history of being fixated on Eastern Europe. So during the Thirty Years War German Protestants backed the Ottoman invasion of Poland.

Near the end of the First World War, the German general, Erich Ludendorff, envisioned the Social-Darwinistic removal of two million Poles from Polish territory that Germany wanted to annex for the cause of pan-Germanism (see Tooze, The Deluge, ch. 6, p. 135). During the Nazi Holocaust, the Germans, erupting in their anti-Catholic hatred after centuries of being conditioned to the antichrist heresy of Luther, carried out the extermination of millions of Poles. So horrendous was this genocide, that it moved Pope Pius XII to write:

“The blood of so many who have been cruelly slaughtered, though they bore no military rank, cries to heaven especially from the well-loved country of Poland. Poland, imperishably crowned in the pages of history by the long record of her loyalty to the Church and her services to Christian civilization, should claim from all eyes a brotherly, a human tear. She puts her trust in that Virgin Mother of God who is the help of Christians, and waits for the day when she will be allowed at last to emerge, unharmed, from the waves that have engulfed her.” (Pope Pius XII, Darkness Over the Earth, ch. viii)

The German government allowed the migration crises, knowing it was going to cause anger and fear in its own society, and now it wants to expand militarily in North Africa in the name of stopping migration. German military expansion will not anger the general populace of Germany because it will be seen as a means of protecting the German nation.