The Russian Government Blocks Forty-Eight Australians From Entering Its Country Because They Are Anti-Russian

The government of Russia has blocked forty-eight Australian citizens from entering its country for being anti-Russia, as we read in RIA:

Moscow has banned entry for 48 Australians who form an anti-Russian agenda, the Foreign Ministry website reported .

“Entry to our country is closed indefinitely for an additional 48 Australians from among the contractors of the military-industrial complex, journalists and municipal deputies,” the publication says.

This list included:

Deputy Prime Minister of Victoria Jacinta Allan;

member of the board of directors of the military-industrial enterprise “Tales Australia” Alan Ball and other employees;

SYPAQ Flight Operations Manager Luke Aspinall;

some board members of the South Australian Australia Day Council ;
journalists of the newspaper “Australian”.

The ministry called it a response to politically motivated sanctions against Russian individuals and entities by Australia. Work on updating the “stop list” will continue against the background of the hostile course of Canberra .