Malik Obama Genie out of the Bottle in the Arab World

Tens of millions of Arabs are now familiar with the Malik Obama case and it is long past time for the U.S. Congress to investigate what is clearly now top-of-mind news in the Middle East. If Congressmen are wondering what would make Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi abandon the U.S. for Russia and Vladimir Putin, they should look no further than their own inaction relative to the egregious transgressions of a sitting U.S. President and his brother.

Here is a short clip from a 10 O’clock news broadcast by El-Qahera wal Nas (Egypt and its people). By comparison, this would be like any major U.S. broadcast network news program carrying the story:

If the video does not play, try this one:



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  • richinnameonly

    People need to start watching foreign news to find out what’s happening here. The mainstream media will never tell you.

    • doris lott

      We are not offered much via satellite…in fact I don’t think we have any foreign broadcasting satellites above our skies to pull from. Perhaps we are meant to be fed only news which is controlled by our government….

      • richinnameonly

        That’s why the FCC has the idea of putting a government rep in each U.S. newsroom to “research” on how they decide to choose stories. They also want to be able to access whatever files they’d like to see. As if the U.S. media was not liberal enough to begin with! There are some places for internet news from foreign sources. Some are in the native language only and thankfully some of these are ones Walid translates for us. There are a few Jerusalem/Israeli sites in english having good articles. TV has become a wasteland.

  • yahshua love’s you

    I want al sisi to catch that damn malik Obama then I would like to see the looks on Baraks face bastards

  • James Foard

    Why, why, why in the name of heaven are we hearing nothing of this in the US media? It absolutely boggles my mind.

    • momprayn

      Yes, just reading on Breitbart re the “My Brothers Keeper” farce – criticizing because he doesn’t take care of his half brother, George, who lives in a shack in Africa but nothing about Malik. ?????

  • I am hoping that other nations will throw Obama in their jails. after all we Americans know Obama is doing the same things here .everything he does is in support of Muslim Brotherhood and even placing them into high government offices…

  • Maureen

    Watch Sun News from Canada. They ‘tell it like it is’.

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