Left Wing Journalists Who Are Taken Hostage By ISIS Are Actually Working For ISIS To Advance Their Cause

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

We have always argued that liberalism and Islam have much in common. Today, in a remarkable new video released by the ISIS, British hostage John Cantlie is not behaving like a hostage, but popped up giving a televised tour of the Syrian city of Kobane.

Amazingly, Cantlie in this video is not in a red jumpsuit ready to be beheaded, but is comfortably doing propaganda scenes for ISIS and is seen here expressing the ISIS version of the news in denouncing Western coverage of the fighting in the city of Kobani:

Hard to believe? No.

Many still believe that much of this persecution of liberal journalists like James Foley is all a stage act, photo shopped, a set up behind a green screen.

Many whom watched the beheading of James Foley were surprised how he appeared comfortable in front of a camera without showing the typical signs of fear or agony and noticed that the whole escapade was obviously read from a tele-prompter.

Perhaps they learned from Obama.

Cantlie, a ‘photographer’ and ‘journalist’ who was taken hostage in late 2012, has appeared in a number of propaganda videos for ISIS in recent months, usually in an orange jumpsuit in front of a plain black screen. However, the new video obtained by Shoebat.com linked to the Islamic State, appears markedly more professional than the previous ones appearing to show Cantlie walking comfortably outside and animatedly discussing recent events.

Surprisingly, Cantlie was taken hostage by the Islamic State in November 2012 at the same time as American journalist James Foley, the ‘first hostage’ whose ‘execution’ was filmed and shared on the Internet. Like Foley, it was the second time Cantlie had been taken hostage: He had been freed by Syrian Free Army troops earlier in 2012, yet returned again to be “captured” (most likely hired) by ISIS.

Although previous videos appeared designed to criticize Western military action against the Islamic State, this time the main target appears to be exposing Western media and their coverage of the situation in Kobane where the Islamic State has battled for control against Kurdish militias.

At the end of the video, Cantlie says that media reports are “wrong” and that fighting in Kobane is “almost over”. “Urban warfare is about as nasty and as tough as it gets,” he says, “and it’s something of a specialty of the mujahideen.”

The Mujahideen need a pep-up and Cantlie is doing them a service.

Lebanese TV did an investigative reporting on the James Foley video interviewed Mr. “A’shmawi, an Egyptian executioner who executed over one thousand criminals dismissed it as a hoax. He stated that he “never witnessed anyone who would act so cool during an execution”. The investigative report were able to get experts who replicated the whole fiasco which doesn’t need interpreting (start at 00:53):


But a report from the New York Times shed more light that Foley converted to Islam convincingly:

Mr. Foley converted to Islam soon after his capture and adopted the name Abu Hamza, Mr. Bontinck said. (His conversion was confirmed by three other recently released hostages, as well as by his former employer.)

“I recited the Quran with him,” Mr. Bontinck said. “Most people would say, ‘Let’s convert so that we can get better treatment.’ But in his case, I think it was sincere.”

We would suppose at some point in time Cantlie would be released to finally go home, get a hero’s welcome and sign a book deal on his heroism and miraculous escape or get ‘beheaded’ while hiding somewhere in Raqqa sipping espresso and dipping Hummus with Caliph Al-Baghdadi. Strange how Cantlie has his mustache trimmed and does grow a beard, a sign of true conversion as mandated in Islam for Muslim males. We all remember Berg Bergdahl and how that turned out. Shoebat.com translated all his Arabic and as it turned out he was willingly cooperating with the Jihadists.

One would presume that if a journalist is “taken hostage” that he would not return to the crime scene. Not even Anderson Copper of CNN returned after he experienced a little roughing-up in the Middle East. But of course Cooper is rather a “sissy”. I guess saying this makes me a homophobe?

Its a strange world we live in.

  • Countryflowers

    Walid I have read that the be headings of these journalist was fake because they didn’t show them doing it and the last image was trick photography. What do you believe ?

    • shoebat

      I am leaning towards the “fake” theory.

  • susan

    Very strange indeed. A puppet show. So who’s pulling the strings? It wasn’t the massacre of thousands of Christian s that put us at war with isis to fulfill their end time prophecies. It was the “fake” beheadings of liberal journalists. Very strange indeed. More like we fell into someone’s trap.

  • Behnam

    This crossed my mind before that they offered their lives for the cause of islam inorder to make people think they were killed because of our policies. I mean they always used to show the whole beheading but they didnt with these guys as if out of respect. Seems very fishy to me.

  • richinnameonly

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Mix politics, war and Islam and who knows what’s real?

  • AnthonyM

    Yes, very odd. At first it seems he might have been drugged, he was so calm, and matter of fact. But it make more sense that he was beheaded after the video was shot. I assume he was actually killed. Was the body returned?

  • susan

    It was my first reaction too. I thought maybe it had been edited because of its grusomeness. But with the new info provided by Walid, it appears things may not be the way they appear. I don’t trust our leaders. They seem intent on destroying what they can as fast as they can. I wonder if we’ve fallen into a trap. My disquis isn’t letting me retrieve my notifications . So if u don’t hear from me it’s not personal! It’s disquis and its starting to really bug me.

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  • michelletherese

    Since I first ever saw the “beheading” video, with the man talking so calm and strong, so unafraid, not even a flicker of fear… I thought, “This is fake.” Besides, one man cannot hold a powerful struggling healthy male while also sawing at his throat. It usually takes a whole gang of “Alahoo Ackbar” chanting men to restrain the struggling prisoner. FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • michelletherese

    To get money. $$$$ “Give us millions or we will kill the hostage.” They make that demand every time. Follow the money and you get your answer. They have already made a few million off of European countries that will pony up the cash in exchange for their prisoner being freed.

    • Yes, I suppose that’s a reason to take hostages. A dead hostage doesn’t buy you much though. Unless they’re just trying to prove they’ll kill hostages?

  • michelletherese

    There is NO WAY the “beheader” can saw a man’s head off *and* restrain his healthy powerful struggling victim. It always takes several men to restrain their latest beheading victim ~ you see it in those awful beheading videos, just as they pounce, several men have to grab and restrain the victim so the beheader is free to do his job. If the man is strong enough to sit there or kneel there and speak, he will be more then powerful enough to thrash free of one man busy sawing with a knife!

    • Except that, at the least, the victim has his throat cut. That, I imagine, does little for one’s strength.