Muslims In UK Try To Force Romanians To Comply With Shariah Law Prohibition Against Alcohol, The Romanians Say “NO” And Then Beat The Muslims With Baseball Bats And Destroy Their Business And Their Cars


Europeans and Americans, take clear and detailed notes, because this is how to deal with Islam in a way that is effective and the Muslims can understand:

A gang of Romanians stormed a barber shop with baseball bats and brutally attacked staff after the owner asked them to stop drinking outside following more than a year of disputes.

One man was taken to hospital with serious injuries and other suffered minor wounds after the group of up to fifteen people attacked Five Star Barbers in Luton, owner Mohammad Abbas-Khan said.

The 23-year-old hairdresser said that one man received a bad head injury while the owner of the shop next-door was repeatedly beaten on the back so badly that two days later, he is still unable to move his arm.

The men smashed the window of the shop, damaged one of the staff member’s cars and blood could be seen splattered on the floor tiles after the brutal attack.

Mr Abbas-Khan was in the shop with two other staff members at the time but he now fears that they will return and attack him when he is alone.

‘I have a very strong feeling they will come back. Sometimes I work until 10pm or 11pm and if I am all on my own, what could I do to protect myself,’ he said.

Mr Abbas-Khan said Sunday’s attack comes after a long series of events that have left shop owners along Dunstable Road feeling helpless. (source)

We have been saying for a very long time that the reason why the Muslims are doing what they are doing is not just because of Islam’s nature, but because they believe the West is weak. As we have said repeatedly, Islam is actually a weak, predatory religion that preys on the helpless. If it thinks you are helpless, it will attack you like a pack of hyenas. However, if you are strong, it may test you, but if you show force it will leave you alone.


More damage at the Muslim barber shop

Islam only respects force because there is no love in this religion. To Islam, love is forced obedience through abuse. They mock true love because it is compassionate, kind, and respectful. That is why Islam hates Jesus so much, because they mock the mercy of God as weakness and therefore hate true love.

Yes, we must pray for the conversion of Muslims and hold a higher standard than they do for us because we are NOT them. At the same time, this also means equally not tolerating their abusive behavior. If they want to try to enforce Shariah law on others, then they need to feel an equal and more powerful force pushing back against them.

Terrorism in Islam is not an end unto itself as we have been told, but it is a tactic to the greater end of making you scared into submission to Islam. It is an inevitable, inseparable part of Islamic theology. In any case, Islam will try to use fear to scare you into submission. This leaves you with two choices.

You could submit to the fear and assent to the demands of Islam. Or, you could scare the Muslims back so they think twice before they try to push Islamic demands on you again.

Somebody is going to be scared into submission, and the choice is either you or them. Don’t let the Muslims to it to you.

Muslims attacking police in the UK. This is why the UK is being overrun, because the people are not standing up to the Muslims like these Romanians did. Only when the British treat the Muslims the same way these Muslims are treating the police here will the situation start to get under control in the UK. I emphasize this is not abuse but rather justice, for if the Muslims will not accept the mercy which Europe has granted them and continue to refuse to live in civil society, the must receive justice, as anything less would be license.



  • Tom_mcewen

    This is the police under threat, the panda cars took time to help their own. For you who are not police, your best hope for aid, Britain is if the Russian Orthodox invade.

    • Стефан Евгений
      • Gloria

        Compelling article, I didn’t know the Norman history or what effects it had on Britain. The Orthodox church is the only one I see standing firm in the tidal wave of apostasy that is hitting every ecclesiastical shore.

        • filomena seiffert

          That is because Russia is a strong country and her president is Christian Orthodox. All other ”Christian nations” do not have a true Christian as head of Estate

    • Gloria

      I think this for America too, I think of Trump doesn’t win our best hope is for Russia to take over.

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    “This-is-ROMANIA!” Serves them right. It’s when people start telling you what to do that this resistance must begin.

  • Gloria

    The enemy is already in the gates, too many evil political powers and lazy citizens who allowed it. Even in my small town in America, in a state that supposedly has few Muslims, we have two elementary schools where almost half the students are Muslim. Imagine when they are adults. This will not end without a very bad fight now.

    I imagine if societies continue to turn it’s back on God, we will spiral into unending violence on both sides and it will be just like scripture says, as in the days of Noah. It can’t go anywhere good without the church in obedience to Christ leading the push back, the focus of Gods purpose in preserving the world.

    • Стефан Евгений

      G, I moved out of my apartment, it got to be too many of them.

      • Gloria

        It is sad it has to be that way and you had to leave your home. I can’t understand it, why are governments allowing it? I can only imagine it is that they are blind because they will not love truth. It is insanity.

        • paulette barrow

          I believe they are blinded,and i believe the blindness came in when they elected obama,i listened to a word not to long ago and the women said anyone who professes to be a christian and they vote for Hillary God will make them spiritually blind to end time prophecy,i think thats whats happening now

  • GoodNews ✓Orthodox 4Trump

    So now looks like US athletes lying about being robbed in Rio and causing international scandal. We’re really making ourselves respectable….

    • paulette barrow

      I cant believe they did that,what in the world would be the purpose for this,what would they possibly gain,what an embarassment

      • GoodNews ✓Orthodox 4Trump

        Feet of clay. Accidentally left it in “lie”.

  • Joseph

    Very good [brief] article, Andrew. You make several very insightful observations about the nature of Islam and the nature of the threat it poses. And your diagnosis is correct as well: do not ‘become them’, but definitely ‘meet force with force’. Well done.

  • Michelle Therese

    Just like with Israel, the media POUNCES on these stories, while ignoring the years and years of terrorist behavior leading up to these things!

    • paulette barrow

      What does Israel have to do with this

      • Michelle Therese

        Everything. This is a world-wide phenomenon, the media’s pandering of Muslims and demonization of the people that they are terrorizing who dare to defend themselves.

        • paulette barrow

          What i know is they are Gods chosen regaurdless of what people think and i bless and not curse

  • Paco

    I live in the city of Constanta, Romania,we lived with a large Muslim community and we never had any problems with each other because we have respect for each others! I’m sure the Romanian guys had strong reasons for this beating!

    • So many said similar things in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon … and in the end was persecution by Muslims. All these Christians who made such statements, there statements now should be in the garbage bin of history.

      • Seraty

        Sir I also live in Romania, and the Muslim minority in Constanta is very secular, Romanian – like. They blend in with us, even though they are a different race: tatars, and the romanians are european – caucasians with Slavic – Latin genetics.

        • I know. I have had Romanian friends. Great people. If you look at the article he is not generalizing all Romanians. Do not take it out of context.

    • alexander

      Paco , Muslims pretend to be mister nice guys ” But when they got the upper hand they are no more mister nice guy , I live among muslims in my Neighborhood here in the Netherlands , Some are moderated but how do you know wheter they are moderated ? , or Maruna’s , (stealth Jihadi’s Flexbile ?)
      Simple by asking them Questions Concerning there filthy Religion what i call no Religion at all but a Death Cult , One Chapter of The Quran gives the Questioner to the Muslim wheter the Muslim is Lying (Taqyia) , And that is Chapter (Sura 9) , Which is the Most War Chapter Concerning The Kaffir (Infidels) , Thats how i know wheter he (Muslim man) , Or
      (Muslim woman is lying) , Because they say that this Chapter is Concerning the past (Ancient days) , But i Know they are Lying Why is only because of one verse , Sura 9:29 ,

      I know what i am Speaking about because i live behind Two spectrums of the Wall , One Aunty of mine and here Brother what is my uncle whom dont lives any longer , But my 2 Nephews and There Sister whom are Muslims , Are still Alive they are the children of my Aunty .
      Didnt Know that they were Muslims until my muslim uncle was Burried 12 years ago what is The Brother from my Aunty , And didnt know at all what Islam is all about ‘ Since 5 years ago , That i have studied islam for 2 years
      With a little of help from Walid shoebat his 2 books ,
      God’s war on Terror & Why i Left Jihad and Compare things from the internet as well from former muslims whom worked with Christians to Create a Website . So lissen verycareful my friend what i explain in a few words
      Now they are Few but when they are with many War will come what we see already happening like in France and Germany and in Romania ,
      Me i will Fight to do you as well ? , Because if you dont push them back they will Get Control , Because islam knows only one thing
      And that is , Dar Al_Harb (House of war) , And that house of war is for them The West , hope this Clears things up for you ?

    • alexander

      Here is The Intresting website for you to help you further on your way if you are Intrested in it ?

    • rodolfo

      Since we were small kids, we were already told to sleep with one eye open when muss are in neighborhood and do not walk ahead of a mussy always behind.

  • Flame blue

    Those police were tough. Police used to have truncheons but l haven’t seen any for several years, the politicians must have disarmed them, and no pepper sprays or stun guns allowed too! Poor police officers, they will probably get rebuked, disciplined for provoking Muslims, after all the police are just to walk away, never challenge Muslims on anything.

    The police attempted to arrest two big mouths that were causing trouble but the lawless muslim bullies who do not respect British Law and order fought the police, pushed them to the ground, and outnumbered them. It was violent attack on the police. American police would have shot those savages dead right at the start of them resisting arrest.

    God help Britain. Police are taught to be social workers in Britain, they are definately not allowed to act like police officers, these officers will be sent on diversity training courses and courses on ” how to win hearts and minds”. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing British police acting like the police, what a rare sight! Already, those officers are being accused of police brutality by green haired loons and those who’s limited English consists of spouting ” fascist police”. Of course, it’s the people who shout out fascists who are indeed the fascists.

  • Flame blue

    To be honest l would walk the other way if l saw a group of Romanians, those Muslims have certainly met their match!

    • Seraty

      Yo man, there is no reason to fear Romanians. We are peaceful.

      • Flame blue

        Many are perhaps, but l am not totally convinced. Sorry don’t mean to hurt your feelings.

        Romanians and muhammadans from poor countries need to become cultured, polite, gentle. The trouble with becoming so is we end up loving and compassionate so much that we trust anyone and forget how to protect ourselves. I like the old Christian values of 80 years ago, kind, fair, but ready to crack down on law breakers, immoral people, thieves and vagabonds, and those who blaspheme Yahweh and his offspring Jesus Christ.

        May Romanians prosper and become truly civilised to at least 95% of the population.
        ( it can never reach 100%). Right now it’s 50-50 with Romania, 70-30 with Poland. 90- 10 with Britain, 80- 20 with Ireland., 80-20 with America. Just based on my estimations through assessment of what l perceive.

        God bless.

  • rodolfo

    Cute police drama. In the Philippines you can be shot for resisting arrest and for obstruction of justice. We already have more than 1,000 druggies laid to rest for resisting arrest in just 90 days according to report today.

    • elopes

      Good for you. No peace for savages.

    • Pamela Sage

      A great savings of the taxpayers’ money. I personally think all drug dealers should be put to death — with the possible exception of low level dealers who cooperate in outing their connections. Instead we have a President who is feverishly dumping this garbage back into society, so they can ruin more lives.

  • Kamau41

    Taking ACTION goes along way in defeating your enemy. The Romanians did a fine job of demonstrating that fact!

  • Raph Sebastian

    Quite simply a lot of those second generation muslims in the UK, especially England, think they are above the law. So many ascribe to islamic terror preachers saying that muslims are above UK laws. The vid is a clear example to what they think of police authority, Scotland Yard will never say this is blatant defiance of authority, they will make excuses for the muslims in the end. It’s the same in Luton, England, where muslims defy authority and the leftist politicians who are in actuality islamic apologists will bend over backwards to appease these heathens and blame the cops.

  • No, there are many pagans just like you and the masquerade as “Christian”. Pagans and Muslims caused more bloodshed than anyone.

  • Dan Knight

    Muslims get a taste of their own medicine … This is what happens when the Muslim sycophants in authority refuse to do their job – or prevent others from doing their job. That said …

    Muslims shouldn’t be in the UK. As long as they are granted permanent residency to serve as henchmen and thugs for the Left, the UK will be headed towards ‘Lebanon.’ It may take a bit longer if their leadership holds back the dogs until the hook is firmly set, but it will happen.

    The only way to restore the balance will be war. … Otherwise, it’s a permanent state of 3d-world hell.

  • paulette barrow

    Yep and our gov wants bring them here in droves,i wonder what its going to take to wake our gov up probably another 9-11 or worse

  • paulette barrow

    Well if they come into my home trying to rape or kill my family they will not meet the welcoming commity

  • paulette barrow


  • paulette barrow

    The pope’s one world religion is chrislam

  • bannedquran2

    How does it feel to be at the other end muslims???!!!

  • We approve comments a few times a day when possible because of homosexuals who post obscene material. We did not censor you boucle.

  • boucle

    Do you have children? Would you kiss the behind of a muslim savage raping or killing your child?
    What a stupid cretin.

  • Believe me sister boucle, we get these too.

  • I like you Dr. Ron Polland. Thanks for the comment.

  • Gloria

    Sorry I didn’t see your reply before. I couldn’t agree more about that snake Rick Warren. Jude 1:12 talks of those like him “These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm–shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted–twice dead.” He will have have quite a lot to answer for.

    Yes, this is the problem with Christianity in the west. People who want their ears tickled, people who want to hear only what they want to hear, worship only as they want to worship, placing themselves above God.

    I asked myself why are we falling for these lies? I understood after study that the the majority of western Christianity is built on lies in the first place. That is why I have become Orthodox.

  • Is evil constrained to a certain nationality, color and race?

    I see this trend growing where multitudes are accusing evil to a certain group of people. You could have Jewish genes or other ethnicities yourself. Now what do you do? You will ‘purify yourself’?

    What fountain of evil are you people drinking from? What demonic influence have penetrated your souls where you have abandoned Christianity to the level that you follow doctrines of demons?

    What a sick and adulterous generation full of the devil and on your way to hell.