Muslim Tries To Fake A “Hate Crime” By Sending Letter With White Powder To Mosque, Gets Caught And Not Only Implicates The Whole Mosque In The Conspiracy, But The Powder Was Actually A Chemical Used For Explosives


Sometimes all you have to do is give them the rope and they will hang themselves.

Justin Bouma sent a letter with “white powder” to a mosque with “Islamophobic” threats in it, and he claimed on August 11 to media it was a “hate crime.” Now pending further investigation he has been arrested and also indicted the Imam and the mosque in a conspiracy to “commit terroristic acts” in what was a failed Muslim sympathy hoax:

An Oklahoma City man was charged Wednesday with a felony after he allegedly sent a threatening letter to a mosque containing a white powder meant to be mistaken for anthrax.

Justin William Bouma, 32, was charged in Oklahoma County District Court with the rarely filed felony count known as the crime of terrorist hoax. Bouma also was charged with one misdemeanor count of malicious injury and destruction of property.

Prosecutors allege Bouma sent the letter to the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City on June 1. The imam at the mosque, 3815 N St. Clair Ave., contacted the FBI after opening it.

After testing the powder, the Oklahoma City Fire Department determined it was harmless. Police reported the powder was potassium perchlorate. (source)

Not only this, but what makes this story most amazing was something the media did not pick up on: the chemical used was potassium perchlorate.

For those chemistry people or people who love fireworks, you would know that Potassium Perchlorate is not an easy chemical to buy. It can be made at home by the electrolysis of bleach, but that takes a LOT of time, energy, electricity, and is potentially dangerous. You can buy it online, but it is not cheap, you cannot usually buy a lot, and honestly, unless you are interested in chemistry, there really is no practical household use for potassium perchlorate.

Potassium Perchlorate basically has three uses: flash power in old cameras (19th and early 20th century), fireworks, and improvised plastic explosives and flashbang grenades used by terrorist groups.

Well, if mosques are “community centers,” as Muslims so often claim, perhaps it was mistakenly left there by the local vintage photographers club…



  • Julie

    Totalitarian Islam is at war with us. No surprise.

    • Tom_mcewen

      What is a surprise, is that our leaders and the media don’t know, don’t care that we the little people are at war.

      • Julie

        I am thinking…

        our leaders and the media are at war with us as well

        • Higlac

          You’re completely right, “Julie”, because it’s a war that the Moslems and the Marxists are JOINTLY waging against the rest of us Westerners!!!!

          This encompasses:
          – governments (both public servants and politicians, especially at federal and regional {provincial, state} levels plus medium-to-big cities!!),
          – big-businesses including banks (especially multinational corporation bigwigs – these multinationals are especially pro-“globalist”),
          – unions (especially their middle and upper-level executives),
          – mainstream “news-media” (owned and bought for by BOTH Marxists and Moslems!!!),
          – lawyers (again their firms are under the thumb of governments, big-businesses), and
          – academe (worst of all – at enough such institutions 90% of the faculty are either openly or, much more secretly, COMMIES).

          Against this twin-pincer movement of our joint ENEMIES, it’s ours to organize our own means of defence, communications- and information-networks (especially if the Internet is shut down or restricted by the élitists), necessaries’-stocks (food, water, reserve fuels, medicines, arms, &c.) with the MINIMUM POSSIBLE reliance upon any and all such big entities that we must reckon as being utterly INIMICAL to us all…

          As to this particular incident: a small smile as I think “Hoist on his own petard!”

          • Grandmere

            Willie smiled when you said that.

          • Paul

            I have come to know that in many non-western countries there are more fundamentals & catholic christians on the pro-communist / left wing side compared to the pro-pagan nationalist / right wing in those countries. This creates problems for some of christian immigrants from such countries to get along with “red-necks” in the west.

          • Julie

            Sounds like the conglomeration of Satan’s human cohorts.

            Now for the flip side of the coin:….an American who is ‘sent’….


            He says we have been in the Storm for some time and now it is peaking. He even thinks that when the economic crash come, that is the beginning of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary….for those whose livelihood is centered in God….and people are involved in laboring very hard then in helping each other….

            And then…he believes most Mohammedans, Jews will convert and we will be with One Shepherd again…the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

            In the meantime,…and i don’t want to…am praying to the Lord to be strong in His blood to lay down my life for Him and my neighbor.

            Saw the program on ISIS hostage Kayla….suffered so much for 2 years…but did not renounce her faith. I prayed for her this pm at Mass in remembrance of her and her faith in the Lord, enduring to the end.

          • Lay_monk

            Let’s not forget the “controlled opposition” in the “alternative media” who continue to promote the legalisation of sodomy and homosexual marriage as a “civil rights” victory.

          • Higlac

            Again, the very same totalitarians (Marxists + Moslems) who own the “mainstream-media” trying to subvert the rest of us who’ve been in large measure driven away to the alternative media – which they are trying to also suffocate but don’t openly dare YET to do so nakedly (it’s all part of the totalitarian pretence)…

        • Kamau41

          Exactly right Julie. It has been that way for years, but so many are unwilling or afraid to admit it.

  • Flame blue

    I wonder what his punishment will be?

    • Lance

      Poor, young “Scientists” get invited to the White House for praise.

      • Flame blue

        There’s a possibility! The clock boy who didn’t invent a clock but made a clock look like a bomb has now launched a multi million dollar law suit. He’s claiming that he’s so traumatized by being taken to the police station that he is finished and destroyed forever and will not be able to work for the rest of his life. It doesn’t matter about how he traumatized his teachers, who it seems were not supposed to phone the police but say something like ” he is a Muslim so we must invest trust in him because Muhammad said that Muslims are the best of people”. Muhammad said that Jews and Christians are the worse of people so it’s ok to call the police if they come to school wearing a ‘Jesus is Lord t shirt’ or a ‘scull cap’ as it is a serious form of racism and hatred towards muslims.

  • Ceirwyn

    Dear terrorist,

    The FBI would like the thank you for exposing yourselves. We will be paying your friends a visit soon, since you’ve been under surveillance, your computer/phone/tech has been searched. I hope they enjoy our 24/7 surveillance system invading their privacy as much as we do.

    Love, the FBI

  • Ratliff

    Somewhere, there’s a village missing its idiot.

    • Tom_mcewen

      She is giving a speech to democrats so she not really missing. She had to go into town to make sure her coffin has enough pockets to hold 2 billion dollars, her Prosperity church told her she can take the money with her.

      • Ratliff

        If it’s the “her” I think you mean, I thought she was an out and out pagan.

      • Grandmere

        Her coffin might not have big pockets but those bathrobes she wears sure do.

        • Ratliff

          Those aren’t moomoos?

          • Grandmere

            Saw a pic on Facebook where they called it an oven mitt!

  • Dominus

    For Andrew and everybody else, just so you all get your personal confirmation of what we think of muslim “refugees” is really a massive islam invasion of ill-minded criminals, you only need to check this German interactive map of all the crimes commited by these invaders in Germany, Austria and some in Switzerland. Here is the the link:

    Yes,they actually have all the crimes commited by muslim immigrants on map, and what is astounding in all that when you check the map, is that literally whole land mass of Germany, every part of it, there is a crime landmark. I knew that there were a alot of crimes, or majority that hasn’t been even reported, but even I was shocked to see every part of Germany under attack. And this is only year 1. Germany is doomed for sure. Merkel and her croonies should suffer for this treason and crime.

    • Juan

      Secularism and nationalism cannot defeat Islam, only Christendom and the Church as Mystical Body of Jesuchrist can defeat the evil forces. Perhaps the best example is France: all the rethoric about the Republic, Secularism, the Nation or la Marseillaise are and will be ineffective to defeat Mohammedans. The West only have one option to survive and it’s to return to Christ and progressively bann secularism, Neo-paganism and anthropocentrism (acting like the Fabian Society but on the inverse way). Nationalism is also a liberal concept that must be substituted by patriotism submitted to Christendom (the country serving Jesuchrist and never on the contrary, that is a dirty and blasphemous way of think and act).

      • Стефан Евгений

        Juan, I googled and came up with this…. I don’t see much hope for Europe with a mindset like this.

        According to the Belgian Social-Christian MP, Georges Dallemagne (the former doctor close to the French Minister of Defence), soldiers on duty in front of the Bataclan at Paris, at the time of the Isis attacks on 13 November 2015, did not intervene. Interviewed by RTL Belgique, the politician declared: “We know that the police did not intervene even though they were at the scene. We know that the Sentinelle Force, that had six armed soldiers in front of the Bataclan did not intervene when the carnage occurred at the Bataclan… they considered that they were under no duty to intervene, because no such duty was laid down in their rules of engagement. Their rules provided that they could only protect themselves. It is completely incredible, mind-blowing”.

        • Dominus

          Truly, Stefan Evgeny, there really is no hope, when you read something like what you just revealed about Bataclan attack. If that is the case, where even their own armed soldiers in France in midst of terrorist attack think, then why are they even employed and armed? Truly mindblowing, and plainly disastrous for future.

        • Juan

          I am more worried about Christendom than about Europe. I think that muslim terrorists have the complicity and support of Western Secret Services in order to act not only in Middle East or Russia but also in the West. It’s an operative similar to GLADIO NETWORK in the past century, when Freemasonry orchestrated authentic massacres (ex. strage di Bologna, 1980). The West is sunk and dominated by antichristian forces that control Education, the Military, the Politicians and practically everything. The only hope is the desintegration of EU and a rapprochement with Russia.

          Russia is the hope not only for Middle East Christians but for the whole Christendom.The masonic founded USA never will be a true defender of Jesuchrist. Therefore the Third Rome cannot fall and I think that a lot of West European Christians are looking to Moscow with hope, but anyway even being strong and patriotic if Russia doesn’t become full rechristened there will be a big problem. A lot of Russians are no Christian and live in secularist way of life (less depravation than the West but secularist/materialistic) and this have to be overcome because Russia is the defense of Christian values. Patriotism is healthy but only Faith saves. Today I read on RT that touristic flights to Turkey are no more banned… it worries me, even trusting in strategic and long term vision of Vladimir Putin as I do. Freemasons and Turkic hordes from Turkey and Central Asia also have strategy and Vladimir Putin isn’t immortal. I wannot to see Russia as I see my country (defeated), I want to see Russia victorious but not in order to proclaim the superiority of Slavic race as German Nazis, Jewish Zionist or Islamo-fascist Turkish do; I want to see it because I strongly believe that Russia’s victory is close associate to Jesuchrist one, that is the point in our short life’s on this World. What will come when Putin will die? Atlantist globalists? Slavic racism? Pseudo-traditionalist pact with Muslims? All the precedent will be just diabolical scum, as we suffer already in the West. May be sounds crazy but Orthodox Church must become so much stronger in Russian hearts and a Christian Tsar must rule over Russia… if this not happen Russia will be tributary of Jewish bankers and the Golden Horde.

          Lord Jesuchrist, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Juan, most of all Russia needs peace and quite to continue the buildup of the church. I wonder at what has been done already.

            an here

            Without Russian tourists all the churches in Turkey would have been closed by now or destroyed…… several are in danger.

          • Juan

            I have seen the videos and it makes me happy. May God help Russia to become even stronger in the Faith and lead the whole World towards Jesuchrist.

            I think Russia is key for World’s salvation and Vladimir Putin is providential man. All the new martyrs that perished under Communist prosecution are giving their blessings.

            Geopolitically I am full conscious about diabolic NATO harassing Russia and working for NWO. Just Turkey, the Turkic Muslims of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan) and Caucasus are a real menace to Russia. Look at the city of Astana in Kazakhstan that is full of masonic symbology and may be is projected to be Eurasia’s capital in the future. Also muslim immigration have to be cut down and natality rate of Russian Christian families have to grew up.

            Don’t underestimate the Turkic hordes and be sure that I support Russia from heart because constitutes a hope for Christendom.

  • Julie

    check out

    pray the rosary…have hope, peace…joy…hold on to the Lord and become more involved with your parish and support your pastor and pray for the clergy!

  • Higlac

    Black Lives Matter” is – in so far as I can tell – a Marxist organization; however, there’s no doubt that Moslem money is reinforcing many of the Marxists. [Another source is György Soros, a rabid yet ultra-rich Commie…]

  • Juan

    Jesus will triumph. I don’t mess in jewish-muslim issues. It isn’t my war. It isn’t a Christian War.

  • Julie

    I am protesting it….and am suspecting its imbalance is due to neo Marxist hispanics, and Soros infiltration through some cardinals…it just came out about Soros leak.

    I am getting ready to stop my subscription to CRS….and also tell them it is a scandal that they are silent over the plight of our fellow Christians brothers and sisters in the Middle East who are of the same apostolic Christian Church.