Donald Trump Is Starting A War With China. China Is Warning Trump With “Devastating confrontation” And That Trump Should “Prepare For A Military Clash.” So How Will This Confrontation Unfold? Find Out.

By Walid Shoebat

Historically when it comes to newly elected U.S. presidents, be they democrat or republican, things rarely turn out the way the excited masses expect it to. Americans by large only care about domestic policy. But when it comes to U.S. foreign policy, dummies ignore a golden rule: when parties change foreign policy doesn’t. The same dummies ignore another golden rule: foreign policy is more important than domestic policy. You can have the nicest house, but if it is located in a very bad neighborhood, it is rendered wothless since even if you complain about the “ethnic undesirables” in your area, your distant oriental neighbors can still sling nuclear stones at you. The world is a very small neighborhood.

One of the first issues, the Trump Administration is tackling, is the competition between China and the United States. Trump’s Administration issued some warning statements regarding the South China Sea, which is set to grow, and now China’s state media is warning the U.S. with a “devastating confrontation”.

Initially, while campaigning, Trump has spoken little about the South China Sea issue, focusing strictly on the economic ties where he labeled China as a currency manipulator and wanted to impose tariffs on Chinese imports. It was all great sounding news for Americans who cared more about “domestic policy” .

However, when it came to foreign policy regarding power grabs, this changed immediately as soon as Trump took office. The Trump administration is now promising steps to prevent Beijing’s takeover of what they called “international territories” in the strategic waterway in the South China Sea.

“The US is going to make sure that we protect our interests there,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Monday, adding “we’re going to make sure that we defend international territories from being taken over by one country”.

When Rex Tillerson was Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, he told a Senate committee that China should be barred from the seven artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea, over most of which Beijing claims sovereignty. The artificial islands are built to bolster Beijing’s maritime claims. These are mini Chinese fortresses—hosting antiaircraft guns and other sophisticated weaponry.

In a press briefing Monday, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer repeated Tillerson’s challenge: “It’s a question of if those islands are in fact in international waters and not part of China proper, then yeah, we’re going to make sure that we defend international territories from being taken over by one country,” Spicer said.

According to Time, US analysts believe this is equivalent to threatening military action or a naval blockade.

China’s state media has responded forcefully warning that any such attempt would force a “devastating confrontation” and that both sides should “prepare for a military clash.”

But there is more to this than saber rattling. On January 11th, while US Secretary of State was a nominee, Rex Tillerson expressed intention to defend the “Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands” against Chinese aggression based on the Japan-US security treaty.

“We have longstanding ally commitments with Japan and South Korea in the area, and I think we would respond in accordance with those (security) accords,” Tillerson said.

While we do not predict that the US will initiate a war with China, big dogs only fight as a last resort, it will however advance Japan to neutralize China. It is all unfolding. On August 2016, we stated predicting such scenario:

On account of fears about Russia, China and North Korea, the Americans will break the chains imposed on Japan and thus enable them to revive their military strength. This is reflected in recent statements by Donald Trump in regards to fears about North Korea. Donald Trump, who is very likely to be the next president of the United States, has suggested that Japan be allowed to have nuclear weapons in order to keep the North Koreans in check. The United States, according to an agreement made with Japan, is suppose to be the aid of Japan in the case of any military conflict that would put the Japanese in danger. Donald Trump does not want to follow the initial plan, but rather it appears that he will allow Japan to fight out any conflicts on its own.

The typical U.S. ‘big dog’ strategy is why the Trump Administration (and like other previous administrations) is addressing China, while ignoring other nations with more serious issues. This is because big dogs depends on the smaller dog packs in hope these neutralize new rival dogs like China.

But the problem with such policy of aiding the lesser of two evils is that historically dog packs will eventually turn on the U.S.

The U.S. never learned, it modernized Japan’s technology during the 19th century, to only have it turn on the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. Shinzo Abe recently agreed that Japan would be providing Turkey with its second nuclear power plant by 2023. The pact also adds that Turkey will be allowed to enrich uranium and extract plutonium, a potential material for nuclear weapons.

While Trump speaks about destroying ISIS, Turkey has established itself as a very significant superpower, a preponderating influencer in the Muslim world, and is the most powerful of the Muslim nations today. Its reemergence as an empire is being helped by the US, which sees Turkey as an ally that it can use as a balancer in the Middle East, believing that Turkey will keep Iran in check and in control. Nothing will change here whether it is Obama or Trump in office. In the future, Turkey will present itself as a stabilizer in nations such as Syria (which it already does) and Egypt, and the US will welcome this since it trusts Turkey as a NATO ally in the Middle East.

Now compare Turkey with Japan. Japan was once a powerful imperialist empire, that was crushed in 1945, and then pacified. Turkey as well was crushed in 1918 and was then pacified. And like Turkey, Japan is considered an ally of the U.S. where trump said nothing of Japan’s or Turkey’s global threats. As Turkey is viewed by the US as a balancer to keep in check Iran, so is Japan esteemed by the US as a balancer against the rise of Chinese military power. Also like Turkey, Japan is a formidable military power, with a very strong navy and substantially large army. With these factors put together, it is not far-fetched to say that the US will enable Japan to cease from being a seemingly pacified nation that is prevented from being an aggressor, to a conspicuous superpower with enough freedom to use its military to act as a balancing nation in Asia major while Turkey acts as a balancer in Asia Minor.

Japan and Turkey may seem moderate now (just like Germany), but when in imperial power these nations are cruel, sadistic, and insatiable for blood and dominance.

Moreover, Japan is reminiscent to Turkey in that it is intensifying in populist ultra-nationalism and fanatic reactionary ideology.

We always get condemned every time we write negatively about Japan or if we critique Trump. The naive always tell us that the Japanese are nice. But so are the Turks and the Germans. Measuring good versus evil on the basis of niceness reveals the knowledge of the fools, for in the east elegance always goes alongside with utter cruelty. Japan is the most powerful nation in Asia major (more than even China) and Turkey is the most powerful nation in Asia Minor and these two blood relatives are up to no good while U.S. government only focuses on China. When one peruses amateur talk they conclude that China is militarily more powerful than Japan. This is because these evaluate on the basis sheer numbers. However, when perusing real experts, it reveals the opposite, Japan is way more sophisticated and advanced.

We have always predicted that the U.S. will not change certain foreign policies, no matter who is your favorite president.

If we are wrong here, and governments care more about humanity than sheer power, perhaps these can answer a simple question: the holocaust denials by both Japan (in their Nanking massacre) and Turkey (in their Armenian Genocide);  can someone show us a single U.S. President, who persisted these two admit their guilt and pay reparations? Donald Trump said nothing so far about such issues, he, like the previous presidents, has honed in only on the Chinese.

President worship has been the custom in the U.S. The phenomenon continues for the first year or two, where rhetorical crucifixions and guillotine beheadings of dissenters are displayed on the media public square. We have been blasted when we similarly critiqued Bush, Romney and even Glenn Beck when these were popular. Even religious writers and pastors whom we exposed their faulty prophecies and date-settings, that have come and gone, making their works worthless, the commenters never come back to apologize. The same will be for Trump. In time, it all wares out and for the meanwhile, we will get comments like “at least he was better than …”. Indeed, he is less worse than …

Never put trust in man, any man.

As we said, Trump will do good for the American people economically, but internationally, we predict he will screw up big time.

The best foreign policy for an American is this “don’t touch it. You 100% will screw it up”.

Is it no wonder that even Jesus pointed this out: “my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge”. Read and learn:

The Nation Of Japan Will Pledge Allegiance To The Antichrist, It Will Become One Of The Most Evil Nations On Earth, And It Will Build Nuclear Weapons

  • Doc

    Just my opinion and Walid may chime in to tell me I’m wrong (because I’ve read his writings on this subject), but I’ve always believed the “kings from the rising sun” in Revelation refer to Japan. I think a revived imperial Japan will conquer mainland China, the two Koreas, and Taiwan, and will form an alliance with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and others in preparation to invade the mideast.

    • Eric

      Doc, if I may kindly interject, I honestly think that China and Korea will go to war with Japan instead. I do not see Japan taking over china.

      • Doc

        China could ally with North Korea, but I think they will sacrifice Korea to weaken an invasion by Japan. Remember in World War II Japan held quite a chunk of Chinese territory. I think they have never forgotten, just like China has never forgotten. To put it bluntly: Chinese are farmers and Japanese are warriors. I think Japan (with US technology) could make the rape of Nanking look like a warm-up to World War III. Of course I realize that’s a great oversimplification.

        • ezekiel22

          You are pretty close. Russia likes to play China against Japan and the U.S.

    • “Just my opinion and Walid”

      Over here, we are still known to crucify opinions and even burn them at the stake 😉

      “kings from the rising sun” in Revelation refer to Japan.”

      You do have a point and you have avoided crucifixion Doc. I have made both arguments before where “the Sun” could be Turkey and I have written another article where the “sun” could be Japan.

      Heck, it could be both and this way we both avoid crucifixions 😉

      • Doc

        Never thought of that. Japan and Turkey allied? Hmmmmmm….

        • Just like WWII.

          • Taurnil Oronar

            Erp. There’s that repeating history again.

          • Well, it’s a combination of WWI and WWII.

          • Taurnil Oronar

            Triple header.

          • Kamau41

            Absolutely. So many don’t even realize it’s the combination of both.

          • History just has a nasty, nasty habit of repeating itself.

          • Kamau41

            Sure does.

          • DeusLoVult

            The Second World War was, when you consider it, just a continuation of the First. It involved many of the same people. Hitler, Mussolini….

          • Kamau41

            Exactly, which never really ended.

        • Kamau41

          Indeed. As we keep saying history is repeating itself.

    • Ceirwyn

      Japan doesn’t have the demographics to do that; China would eat them alive. The only reason China hasn’t conquered Japan yet is that they had some bad weather when they last tried. After that it was just too much effort.

  • When you wrote a comment about China, I immediately almost wrote, “And while this is going on, Japan is sitting on the sideline grinning like idiots as America dances to Japan’s tune.”

    I made this comment before and I’ll say it again, I believe Japan will manipulate the situation, covertly launch an attack on America’s military installation while blaming it on Russia in order to push three superpowers to fight each other. In the end, America will withdraw in humiliation, which is what this country sorely needs, because America is at her strongest when she is on her knees, searching the face of God.

    How fitting also that today, I was compelled to devote the Rosary to pray for peace between China and America.

    • Eric

      Trevor, you are correct. Obviously, as Walid has said here, I do not think the US will ever go to literal war with China. Nor with Russia, either. It would be suicide for both parties. Trump’s isolationist policies and viewpoints should keep such a thing from occurring

      I hope that Trump and Putin do sincerely get along. Everything indicates that relations between us and Russia will at least get better. I have never really understood the animosity the US seems to have with China, especially considering they were our allies in both world wars.

      “America is at her strongest when she is on her knees, searching for the face of God” You are absolutely right, my friend. I do believe something will happen that will cause us to reach that point, most likely the scenario you have suggested above.

      In the end, Trevor, America will eventually ally with both Russia and China to defeat Antichrist, as Daniel explains. I too pray for peace between our two nations. It is better for the big dogs to be allies than enemies.

      • “I have never really understood the animosity the US seems to have with China, especially considering they were our allies in both world wars.”

        Key word: communism. Also remember that history isn’t America’s strongest suit, which is why America’s foreign policy adventurism have been disaster after another. Should have followed the advice of Washington when he warned against making foreign friendships.

        • Eric

          That we should have. I wonder why America felt we needed alies in the first place?

          I am glad, though, that we will no longer do nation-building. That has always been an utter disaster. It’s disappointing that our relations with China may continue to be sour. I hope that after China eventually throws off the shackles of Communism, that things can improve.

          • I think it started with Thomas Jefferson. He wanted America to back the French and Washington refused to do so. Then there’s the Barbary Piracy that Jefferson finally suppressed when he ordered the formation of the Navy and Marine Corps to liberate America slaves and to put a stop to their pillaging of Americans.

            Since then, America entangled with numerous nations. I recommend reading “Flyboys” since the historian devoted several chapters to the rise of Japan from the late middle age to just before WWII. Fascinating and scary history.

          • Eric

            I’ll certainly look at that book, Trevor. I have to go to Martial Arts now. I’ll be back later. 🙂

          • The author’s name, I think, is Bradley.

          • Eric

            Thanks, Trevor. 🙂

    • China wants to dialog with Trump on the principle of “One China.”

      I have to chuckle at this.

    • Ceirwyn

      America does have some interest in Asia due to trade. The best punishment America could dole out at this point is to stop importing from the culprits. That’s way more effective than military force.

    • One of the things I completely forgot is America are obligated to defend Japan per terms agreed in the post-war constitution. It’s why Abe is seeking to reinterpret the pacificsm clause to justify Japan expanding their military, and would also explain Trump stance on Japan having nukes.

      If China attacked Japan, America is forced to defend Japan, and that would drag in Russia since Russia signed a joint military pact with China back in the Bush’s administration (or was that Obama’s?). Anyway, if Russia gets involved then NATO will get involved and we have a mess on our hands.

      Foreign policy sucks sometimes.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    But the problem with such policy of aiding the lesser of two evils is that historically dog packs will eventually turn on the U.S.

    The U.S. never learned,…

    Lord so true and I pray the people in my country wake up to that simple fact.

    • Ceirwyn

      It’s what I like to call the Loki complex: the more of an underdog the side is, the sorrier Americans tend to feel for it. As with tricksters in myths, America ends up getting screwed for trying to balance the scales.

  • Before you comment, try reading. Japan defeated China TWICE before and it defeated the might of Russia as well.

    The First Sino-Japanese War (1 August 1894 – 17 April 1895) was fought between China and the Empire of Japan, primarily over control of Korea. After more than six months of unbroken successes by Japanese land and naval forces and the loss of the Chinese port of Weihaiwei, the Qing government sued for peace in February 1895.

    The war demonstrated the failure of the China to modernize its military (just as we have now) and fend off threats to its sovereignty, especially when compared with Japan’s successful Meiji Restoration. For the first time, regional dominance in East Asia shifted from China to Japan.

    The Second Sino-Japanese War (July 7th, 1937 – September 9, 1945) was a military conflict fought between China and Japan from 1937 to 1945.

    China fought Japan, with some economic help from Germany, the Soviet Union and the United States. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the war would merge into the greater conflict of World War II as a major front of what is broadly known as the Pacific War. The Second Sino-Japanese War was the largest Asian war in the 20th century. Between 10 and 25 million Chinese civilians died (there are your numbers).

    The Japanese scored major victories, such as the Battle of Shanghai, and by the end of 1937 captured the Chinese capital of Nanjing.

    China had to move from one part of the country to another. Japan continued to occupy much of China’s territory,

    It took the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Soviet invasion of Japanese-held Manchuria to finally stop Japan.

    Try studying history to back up your clim that numbers are the “determining factor” in war. I lived through two wars where the amount of weapons and numbers were higher and they lost. Yom Kippur and the Six Day Wars.

    You should have studied the links first before you commented.

    • I learned this saying a few years ago:

      It’s not the size of the dog in a fight, but the size of the fight on the dog.

  • Indeed. Sufi Turkey is much different than Wahhabi Islam. These are more conniving. Most westerners think of Sufis are peaceful, but they never read history.

  • ezekiel22

    I am pretty sure we shall have a trade war with China real soon. FDR during his term did the same with Japan and we know how that ended. It will be important for the U.S. to become economically strong as soon as possible. We also have China holding a massive amount of our debt. That gives both parties leverage against each other. As we pay down our debt they have less leverage. Should China decide to start a hot war that debt would automatically be cancelled crippling their economy.
    It is not that I doubt your assertions concerning China and Japan. Both nations are proud, have been traditional foes, and are fighting over the same bones. They both want to head a revival of the Greater Southeast Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere which was Japan’s dream before and during WW2. We are so entrenched in that area that an isolationist policy might be impossible to completely follow.
    I think the biggest threat from China is a form of warfare being amped up. Cyber attacks happening now are more like testings of our civilian and military areas. If it becomes more serious I expect China to actually shut parts of our infrastructure down temporarily. This is aided by our own business community in what they must surrender to the Chinese govt. in order to do business there. That is why they have expanded their economy so fast and have copied so many of our designs. Trump knows this and is taking the right actions so far but he is new to the job.

    • Ceirwyn

      Trump, being a business man, will prefer this method, I think. Less expensive and will benefit the nation in the long run (for short term pain). We didn’t trade with China at all before Bush, so it won’t even be that noticeable to bring it back and stop again.

      The military has been ramping up for cyber warfare, but the US needs a massive hardware upgrade before it’s as secure as it could be. That’s the problem of a big nation with tons of infrastructure to maintain.

    • Grandmere

      Japan holds more of our debt than China.

  • ezekiel22

    China, North Korea, Turkey fight wars the same way. They use human waves to overcome their enemies. They are willing to absorb casualties which shows a disrespect for life.

  • Phil aka Felipe

    “Never put trust in man, any man.” Good advice, especially if that man or woman is the one staring back at you in the mirror.

    However, there is ONLY One Man we should all trust, Jesus Christ.

    For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. (1 Timothy 2:5-6)

  • rodolfo

    Is this: “Leave the bear for now. Poke the panda”
    What’s the difference between the bear and the panda?

    • susan

      Nothing. They’re both types of bears. Now a dragon is a supernatural beast. Emperor worship and Mahdi worship. Most will not ponder the word worship.

      Sighs. There is inevitability of our crash. Whether we hit at 20mph or 120mph is Trump’s decision. My preference is for low impact whiplashes. Let’s hope he’s still paying attention to you.

  • Adnan Oktar is well known on these part.

  • Kamau41

    “It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    Than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord Than to trust in princes.”(Psalm 118:8-10)

  • Flame blue

    Napoleon said England was a nation of shopkeepers. I think China is a trading nation and that’s its main focus. The Chinese are clever people without doubt. For many years, maybe 50 years they have sent their goods all over the Western World. It certainly has made them better off, lifting many out of extreme poverty, but there is no signs that China is filthy rich, and many still live simply and work hard in that nation. The Chinese can be cruel to their people, they work as a team and don’t tolerate non conformists, and despise law breakers and treat them extremely harshly, and political dissent is not allowed.

    As soon as Trump stated that China was taking too much for its products or getting too much tax relief from America, the Chinese hackles rose up, and just because America criticised them , the Chinese response was to deal with America as if they are political dissenters. So, China is thinking of harsh punishments because that’s what their mentality is which as l said can be perceived by how they treat their domestic dissenters and trouble makers. Of course, China is not nice but they can be handled.

    Are Chinese products expensive, No that’s not the case so are they asking too much, No, but don’t buy if you don’t like the price! Putting on tax on their Chines goods, is alarming to China, may mean less sales. This may be the case of not putting on tax and allowing America’s poor to enjoy cheap Chinese products! Instead Donald is seeing them as a major competitor against American manufacturers who can’t make such items at the prices China charges. I say again, China with its huge population needs the work and the money.

    Donald has a business mentality which will profit American people and he doesn’t believe in profiting poor countries at the expense of America. China appears a big wealthy nation, but proportionally on head counts it is not! In regards to China, Donald should take stock at least America doesn’t give out Aid money to China. There are many positives about China, it’s not worth agro and war! As Walid suggests this is where Trump needs to be wise on the international arena!

    I don’t know about these little man made Islands created in an attempt to give China some ownship of international water. Obviously, China is desperate for cheap trade routes to America, Europe etc. China is a trading nation, they are not warriors, but in anger will be! Cool it, President Trump?

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    India will be involved in the war against China. Most Indians don’t trust Chinese. They have backed Islamic Pakistan against India many times and stolen territory and engaged in mischief with India’s borders and internal issues. China and Islamic Pakistan (that kills Christians) are buddies. China and North Korea (that kills Christians) are buddies. China backs North Korea. China is not a hero. China is a villain nation. Having said that, Japan is no saint either, India is no saint either. No one is a saint in Asia.

    • One saint nation you can find, my country, The Philippines is the only Christian dominated nation in Asia.

  • DeusLoVult

    You’ve never heard of Sun Tzu, have you? Numbers mean nothing unless you know how to use them.

  • “thieves, liars and greedy assholes ”

    You pretty much covered the whole world in the one short statement. Brilliant.

    • Ceirwyn

      The major difference in China, though, is that the morality that restrains that in many other societies has mostly been warn away by their history. It’s going to be a long time before the whole society recovers from it, and short of Christianity, I don’t expect that to happen for many generations.

      • And what about the Japanese? It would have been much easier if we stuck with my “whole world” are “thieves, liars and greedy assholes” theory which I extracted from your brilliant original theory and expounded on it. Maybe we should partner next time in devising the solution.

        • Ceirwyn

          Japan isn’t innocent either and they have a lot of evil they need to own. However they are smart enough to know when to reign in their behavior so as not to alienate themselves from everyone. China also has big imperialist nation syndrome, which is going to get them in as much trouble as the other large nations eventually.

  • Yes, thats the hope, maybe the shuffle might be a little different, we shall wait and see.

    What if I am wrong and Gog is Russia and all these other guys whom I thought were nuts were wiser than me after all.

    I take this Walid Shoebat character with a grain of salt if I were you 😉

    Never put full trust in man.

  • chinese

    “the holocaust denials by both Japan (in their Nanking massacre) and Turkey (in their Armenian Genocide); can someone show us a single U.S. President, who persisted these two admit their guilt and pay reparations? Donald Trump said nothing so far about such issues, he, like the previous presidents, has honed in only on the Chinese.”

    Mr Walid, thanks for your truth message. you are Rank No 1 among all the Prophecy teachers. GOD blessed you and your family.

    If I am killed by the Japanese, hope to see you in Heaven when the Lord call you home.

    • Raph Sebastian

      You are more likely to be killed by a Turk, i.e. the Uighurs of Xinjiang Province.

      You will see the Japanese coming because you will see the flag they carry, but the Uighurs will carry the Chinese flag covering their islamic state flag.

      You know the saying the enemy at your gate is known because he carries his flag openly, but the enemy inside your gate, walks, talks. looks and speaks like you.

    • Chinese,

      There you are, was wondering what happened to you. I had to write this article to get to hear from you.

      God protect you from any of these evil Japanese my friend.

  • Raph Sebastian

    95% of those military aged people in China are spoiled brats who are “emperor children”. Self centered brats who have everything and anything they wanted, the hallmarks of their social behavior is often described as uncouth and loud mouthed. They are the result of China’s one child policy which was recently overturned after decades of enforcement.

    Less than 5% percent serve in their military. The numbers you cite do not take into account readiness to serve, or fit for service numbers is at around 620 million. Number reaching military age annually is around 19.5 million, standing active army is at 2.33 million and reserve at 2.3 million The number I think you have is grossly under represented.

    However given social norms in China less than 1% of the 600 million want to serve voluntarily. If there should be a war, it would be a draft or conscription by law. These conscripted people will have little or no weapons handling experience and would be cannon fodder given the numerical advantage, combat and battle styles of the communists nations as history has shown.

    But technology is a great equalizer, throw ten thousand men at a company of well trained soldiers standardly armed along with 5 chain guns primarily with 5000 rounds each on the high ground with half a mile closing distance and I will show you a massacre. It’s a lot easier to move 100 men than 10,000. China’s technology is lagging behind most of the world and this is why it is engaging in military espionage, hacking and infiltration.

    Thus, China despite its population and numbers, are ranked 3rd or 4th in the world compared to the USA at 1st, even in its depleted state of the military at this point in time.

    Rinse and repeat the scenario above ten times and I am sure appetite for war would be lost pretty fast.

    • My wife and I watched a documentary of a military camp in China for those spoiled rotten children to whip them into shape. It was quite an eye opening to see how bad the One Child policy have hurt the Chinese. As the Scriptures say, “God is not mocked, for whatever a man sow, he shall reap,” and China is reaping the harvest of a entire generation of shallow, self-centered children who do not understand what honoring your mother and father means.

      As always I appreciate you bringing your military perspective into the equation.

      • Raph Sebastian

        Indeed, He shall not be mocked.

        We have for a long time known of the potential repercussions and results of the policies of the politburo of the Chi-Com Party would lead to this problem. Countries throughout the world that now have open borders also see a social menace of spoiled “nouveau riche” brats who disrespect the locals and disregard social norms and laws.

  • Vinny Zee

    Remember the old adage, “It’s the economy stupid?” Well I’d like to add a Vinny Zeeism, “Follow the money stupid.” The federal reserve drove interest rates to almost 0.00% and therefore the rate at which the government borrows money is cheap. Since August 2007 (end of the Bush fiscal tyranny), the fed rate fell from around 5.25% to 0.25% to near 0. The government at that time expected tax revenue to produce a surplus and credit would enable the economy to grow by facilitating growth of savings and capital investments through real interest rates. Good morning $19,000,000,000,000 debt.

    The U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Never forget the threat of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Have all of you forgotten (or most likely not paid attention) that these 5 countries have been fighting to have the U.S. dollar removed or competed with for being the world’s reserve currency. Most voters are to poorly educated on the topic to understand this, so politicians like (Romney, 2012 – who I loathe by the way) and Trump (more brilliantly) had to use terms like “China is a currency manipulator.) Basically, the U.S., thanks to Big O’s ballooning debt bubble (start precipitously under Bush) cannot afford to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. The U.S., by being the world’s reserve currency, does not pay for imports in a foreign currency, as do the BRICS nations for example have to.

    Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? In 1967, the British Socialist Labor party devalued their currency 14-15% overnight. You social buffs may recall, “The Winter of Discontent.” They devalued their currency and they hit a disaster. Coming back across the pond, the U.S. today cannot stop printing money because there is no way for the U.S. to be able to afford it’s debt. We just recently came out of Christmas, I am sure many of you watched “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Remember the scene where there was an actual run on the bank after George and Mary’s wedding and he had to use his $2000 to save the building and loan? What was the problem, they were actually out of money and when the economy crashed, the people rushed to the building and loan to get their money back and the building and loan didn’t have any. What did Potter do? He was offering $.50 on the $1.00 to poor souls who would cash in and he essentially bought out the bank. Remember George’s comment, “Potter just took over the Bank?”

    Come back to reality now. There is a run on the dollar! China is committing a run on our dollar through commodities, (copper, gold, oil.) The U.S. can continue to print money as long as it remains the world’s reserve currency. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) replaced the dollar with Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and issued SDR denominated bonds. Were these SDRs for the sake of reducing the bank’s dependence on U.S. Treasury Bonds?

    Like savvy investors, many of these nations want to get their money beyond the reach of the U.S. government. It is the reason many investors are trying to flock to the precious metals. But even there, the international bankers and hedge fund operators continue to manipulate the price of gold (often after hours). Why are they allowed to trade after hours and you are not? So follow the money, but if you can (and good luck) follow those who control the money.

    Do you think Donald Trump doesn’t know all of these things? Remember when he began his campaign and he talked about the “Stupid Politicians” who are making terrible trade, economic and financial decisions. It took a business man to see the looming disaster, but I can tell you he was not the only business man who saw this. Fortunately for us, it took a business man with the persona to play the idiotic political game to hoist a populist platform so that middle America and some swing states would wake up to what the Donald knew in reality. He explained it to you all by showing you your closed factories, your rust belts, your broken bridges, the great sucking sound out of America. Behind the scenes, he and probably many other brilliant business men probably saw the U.S. dollar teeter on the edge and poised for a BRICS take over on the world market and they had to get in there to save it.

    Obama (and probably Bush) pushed these phony stimulus packages because they were anticipating the U.S. economy would outgrow the quantitative easing, which never happened. Like a boxer staggering in the 10th round, China (well BRICS) was maneuvering themselves for the knock out punch. Remember, if the U.S. Dollar gets replaced as the World’s Reserve Currency or even has one competitor rise up on the international stage, we won’t even be able to turn the key to one cruiser or destroyer.

    So while the media jesters confuse you with blockades and Russian hacking and woman’s rights marches, ask yourself, “Who is trading what after hours?” We’ve all been hearing it that WWIII won’t be fought with tanks and planes. I believe it. The war is slowly on in the financial world. The international bankers are more powerful than the puppet dummies in empty suits. Keep watching and keep praying.

    Maybe in my next installment I’ll address whether the church can bring the conversions like we saw in the middle ages.

    • ThyKingdomCome

      Excellent analysis…

      History has shown that soft wars often do eventually break out into hot wars. We can see the signs of war brewing all around us.

      My question for you is this: How do you tie in the deviance of these behind the scenes money men with the spiritual war that’s already in motion between Satan/muslims/pagans and authentic Christianity/God?

      Also, are these money money at the top a single family/families/alliance or are there competing factions?

      By that I mean, could BRICS and the US Fed, ultimately be controlled by the same bankers? Making those who nations who are competing against each other e.g. the US and China, ultimately subservient to these men even if Trump and the US trump China?

      Debt based fractional reserve fiat currency has been so deeply embedded around the globe I have no idea how our leaders, if legitimate (most of them around the world are brought and paid for),

      • Vinny Zee

        How do you tie in the deviance of these behind the scenes money men with the spiritual war that’s already in motion between Satan/muslims/pagans and authentic Christianity/God? Well first off, evil is evil. This is often the common denominator that can tie many sectors together. I think Christians are always quick to want to understand the spiritual dimension behind any and all events. I am not advocating for parsing them out. There are things that happen that come from shear evil and are predicated on satanic forces and their destruction of God’s people. For example we just watched yet another genocide of our brothers and sisters in the middle east. This was something that was out of pure evil to destroy the church. Along with this, were there political, social and economic forces at play. In a cursory way, those things are normally intertwined. I’ve talked at length with others here about the carving up of the Ottoman Empire after WWI and how 100 years later we are a generation still fighting to keep those artificial lines drawn. The Muslims have been seeking to undo those lines for 100 years. Then you have the love of money and the power and domination that comes with that. Often times, religion plays no role whatsoever. Again, it may in some regard be on the fringes, but ultimately currency manipulation plays into the hands of a few while disadvantaging many in the masses.

        Also, are these money men at the top a single family/families/alliance or are there competing factions? I think the money men (and women) at the top of the U.S. are but a few, but not likely the same as those at the top in China, Japan, India, etc. These are all competing interests. They probably have some interests in common, such as global domination, controlling developing nations, seizing farms, subsidizing all forms of evil and vice. However, the world is their game board and it is a matter of pawn pieces in their overall scheme.

        By that I mean, could BRICS and the US Fed, ultimately be controlled by the same bankers? As I see it, no, I don’t think so. Again, it is possible there can be some cross-pollination of interests and a person hear of there. Remember, it is not just “bankers” who have all this control. You have policy makers, think tanks, black ops, spy agencies, and a host of other sectors at play in swaying the world markets and geo-political activity. I think in this day and age there have been more proxy wars fought than at any other time in history. The super powers (no the U.S. is not the only one) fight each other via proxy all the time. Most people would not be supportive of an overt military campaign between the U.S. and China. Additionally, this causes great stress on markets and economy. These nations are content to force their wills via proxy, hacking, and manipulation (of money and trade.)

        “Debt based fractional reserve fiat currency has been so deeply embedded around the globe I have no idea how our leaders, if legitimate (most of them around the world are brought and paid for), ween us off these currencies when our economy and finances are so fully invested in them?” – Correct. What does a dollar or Federal Reserve note represent? Our currency used to be back by the gold standard, which ended with Nixon. Now that gold and silver no longer back any of the currency printed in the U.S., what is it really now but a debt obligation.

        A dollar bill used to say “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private, and is redeemable in lawful money at the United States Treasury or at any Federal Reserve Bank.” Now it says, “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” In other words, can you redeem it for lawful money? The dollar is not lawful money, but rather “legal tender.”

        “Federal Reserve notes are not redeemable in gold, silver or any other commodity, and receive no backing by anything. Redeemable notes into gold ended in 1933 and silver in 1968 ( These notes have no value for themselves, but for what they will buy. In another sense, because they are legal tender, Federal Reserve notes are “backed” by all the goods and services in the economy.” What the government, via the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, really did in 1971 was coerce you to accept something (Federal Reserve notes) that used to be redeemable for gold and/or silver but now aren’t redeemable at all. I can tell you this, there is no plan to ween us off debt obligations anytime soon. And if you buy gold or own gold remember the federal government can recall gold and make holding it illegal at any time. They have to pay you for it, but they can make holding it illegal.

    • Grandmere

      Right on. George Soros made his money shorting the British Pound on that deal. It costs us three billion dollars a day just to meet our interest payments on our national debt.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “The best foreign policy for an American is this “don’t touch it. You 100% will screw it up”.” Amen.

    Then the USA should systematically disengage from our world policeman doctrine.

    “Jesus said to them, “Surely you will quote this proverb to Me: ‘Physician heal yourself! Do’” here in Your hometown what we have heard that You did in Capernaum.”

    The US needs to heal before engaging the anti-Christ(s)….

  • magaforever

    America would crush china..their population of slaves means nothing they couldnt even get them here to invade.

  • “My question is how will Turkey and Germany bring Japan back into the fold as an ‘active’ ally?”

    If you google Japan Turkey and Oghuz you will see that this link will be a genetic relationship (as you already see the discussions) and as racialism grows we presume this will be the case. As to the German-Turkish relations history already reveals this. We have articles the reveal how Muslims approach Japanese Buddhism where Islam can be viewed as honoring Buddha. Pseudo-Science and Pseudo religion will be key as you know that tyrannies rely on these.

  • And we all know where the East Turk will line up with. Great comment.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    The foreign policy approach which makes most sense to me is what was encouraged by some of the founders, but rarely followed.
    George Washington said in his farewell speech:
    “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop”
    Thomas Jefferson, in his first inaugural address said:
    “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none…”
    James Madison?
    “Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other… No nation could reserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare”.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his farewell address, famously warned of a danger that exists and will persist: The military-industrial complex gaining unwarranted authority.
    Sadly the west has not listened.
    I suspect there will be war with China. They are embedded in the ports on the west coast and are buying up mineral rich areas, particularly meddling in and taking over the farm lands in California. The bank of China is, as I’ve read, one of the conspirators in Calexit, the criminal separation of that state from the union.
    So, duck and cover!

  • Grandmere

    Long time, no see. Nice to see you here again.

  • Dan

    Well , Mattis has already made the statement ” we should ban China from occupying the islands”.
    Now that I would like to see and it’s possible. I bet no sooner after the US starts a blockade with China, another one will be needed with Iran and the strait of hormuz.

  • Grace Ziem

    Thank you, Walid, for keeping us on focus; I voted for Trump, but I am discouraged to see so much “me too” and so little critical thinking among followers..We all need to see the big picture!

  • JacquiBlu

    Mr. Shoebat? Do you have President Trump’s ear? I certainly hope so!

  • DeusLoVult

    Faulty reasoning. We were never committed to winning the Korean War, and even then, we still didn’t lose. They used human wave tactics in the First World War, would you call that successful? You’d be a fool to answer affirmatively. It is an utter waste of the most valuable resource. People. China is running out of young people due to their disastrous one child policy. They can’t replace their losses. Besides, Japan doesn’t need to kill everyone. They simply need to capture strategic areas and force China to capitulate.

  • Vinny Zee

    Great words friend, very encouraging. Judgment begins with the household of God. We need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Continue doing the work of the kingdom. The internet age has allowed so much heresy to spread, in addition to fake news and false narratives. It is also easy for people to manipulate one another and as you alluded to, morals are very lax in this day. We must remember to fight and as you referenced the battle, we have to remember who our real enemy is. Sure we may see the flesh of the human in front of us that is speaking the blasphemy or attacking with the tongue. As hard as it is, that one was also made in the image of God. Therefore, we must know who the enemy is that is trying to control the situation. Thank you for your thoughts on all of this.

  • Dan

    People fail to realize Japan still has the Samurai attitude. As an officer in the Air Force working with the Japanese military I learned how this society functions.

    Most people there are Shintos of which practice Polytheism. In war art of deception is employed often, Japanese still have a belief that they are superior and death is honor in the face of the enemy as armies will follow.

    Kamikaze are rewarded as next to the Shinto gods or Kami and the act of Harikari is reclamation of honor.

    Islamic suicide bombers=Kamikaze and they will again use this in war.