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Read About The Horrific Satanic Human Sacrifices That Are Happening In The United States

By Theodore Shoebat  There have been some very horrific murders that have taken place in the United States, and they have turned out to be satanic human sacrifices. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Some of Huntsville’s most notorious murder cases have a link to the occult. That may sound […]

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Sudanese Government Arrests Three Christian Missionaries, Sentences 1 To Life In Prison And 2 For 12 Years Each For ‘Undermining The Authority Of Sudan’

Three Christian missionaries working in Sudan were arrested for missionary work among Muslims. One of the missionaries was from the Czech Republic and he was sentenced to life in jail. The other two, who are Sudanese, were sentenced to 12 years each: A judge in Sudan on Sunday (Jan. 29) sentenced Czech aid worker Petr […]

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Pakistani Judge Suddenly Drops Charges Against 115 Muslims For Burning Over 150 Christian Homes To The Ground And Attacking Hundreds Of Christians With Stones And Clubs

In another mockery of justice coming from Pakistan’s infamous legal system, a judge has dropped all charges against 115 Muslims for a mass attack on Christian for allegations of ‘blasphemy against Mohammed’ that burned over 150 Christian homes and saw horrible violence as Muslims mercilessly attacked Christians with rocks and clubs: A court in Pakistan […]

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Did US Immigration Just Turn Away Syrian Christians From Returning To The USA?

According to a recent story, US immigration officials just turned away two Orthodox Christian families from Syria at Philadelphia International Airport. Two Christian families have been denied entry to the United States and sent home. They were among the first casualties of President Donald Trump’s travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries. Two brothers, […]

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