Archive | January 12, 2017

German Man Declares ‘We Are Sick Of Immigrants And We Are Going To Teach You A Lesson’

This video is a parody made by a German man named Hagen Grell on his Youtube channel. While done as a parody, the attitude in the video is EXACTLY what we have been warning would rise up in Germany regarding Islam, Muslims, and ultimately anybody who looks like he was not born there: Germans are angry, […]

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Deaf Muslim Goes To Church And Hears The Gospel In Sign Language, And Then Declares: “I have made up my mind to follow Jesus Christ, as taught today from God’s Word… I know God accepts me just as the father accepted the prodigal son when he came back home.”

By Theodore Shoebat A deaf Muslim named Ayo went to a church after being invited by a friend, and heard a sermon in sign language. After being convinced of the Gospel, he gave his life to Christ, saying: “I have made up my mind to follow Jesus Christ, as taught today from God’s Word… I know […]

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Muslim Suicide Bomber Goes Into Grocery Store In Spain, Shouts “Allahu Akbar” And Then Starts Shooting, Off-Duty Police Officer Stops Him

  More details are emerging about this story, and we will update them as they come in. The man who did this was from Bilbao, which is the Basque region of Spain. While his identity is yet to be revealed, was he possibly a convert? AN off-duty policeman has prevented a possible terrorist bloodbath, arresting […]

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