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United States Appears For The First Time On List Of Countries To Watch For Persecution Of Christians

According to a new report from International Christian Concern, for the first time the United States has been placed on the “Wall of Shame” for countries to watch for Christian persecution. While noting that what Christians experience in the USA in not at all what Christian in countries like Iraq or Nigeria experience, the report […]

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Landmark Federal Court Ruling Opens The Way For Explosion Of Constructing Mega-Mosques Across America

I have been warning repeatedly that Islamization in America will not happen through any sort of military action, but it will come through the courts, that the biggest danger America faces is not from guns and terrorists, but lawyers in well-pressed suits and activist judges. In another case which illustrates my point, a court in […]

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‘It Is Going To Be Worse This Year’ Major Christian Rescue Group Says Christians Worldwide Are Going To Be Persecuted Worse This Year Than In 2016.

Last year, over 90,000 Christians were horribly slaughtered for their faith. This is a level of persecution that has not been seen since ancient times, and according to one major Christian rescue group, 2017 is going to be even worse: Violent persecution of Christians is set to increase in 2017, warns Release International. The greatest […]

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Eight Muslim Men Gang Up On Woman, Punch Her In The Face And Call Her A “White Sl_t,” Her Iraq War Veteran Husband Fights Off All Eight And Sends One Of Them To The Hospital

Liana Tyrrell and her husband were at a marine sanctuary in Australia when she saw a group of Muslim men illegally catching crabs and cooking them. She told them what they were doing was illegal, and in response the Muslims attacked her, punching her in the face and calling her a “white sl*t”. Her husband […]

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Muslim Terrorist Attacks A Christian Man As He Is Sitting Down, Takes A Knife, Puts It On His Neck And Slits His Throat

  By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim terrorist attacked a Coptic Christian man from behind as he was sitting down, slitting his throat and murdering him, as we read from one Egyptian report.  The horrific crime took place in Alexandria before dawn on Tuesday.  The attacker, who is unknown at the moment, killed a Coptic merchant in […]

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Hitler’s Mein Kampf Is Now A Major Best Seller In Germany, Nazism Is On The Rise

By Theodore Shoebat Mein Kampf is now a major bestseller in Germany, Nazism is on the rise. I did a whole video on this:   According to one report: A massively annotated version of Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto Mein Kampf became a bestseller in Germany last year, Der Tagesspiegel, the publisher of the book said, […]

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